Quick Update

The holodeck sim really wanted to screw with me this week…

  • Week of 22-28 February.
  • Monday, up early, 50m pool swim, breakfast at The Yard, Rushmore, we had lunch at Bovine in Franschhoek, club house pool afternoon, watched Sour Grapes – worth a watch.
  • Tuesday, fetched my drivers licence, coffee with Phil, Strolla.
  • “Feeling types are not fully sentient – too open to manipulation.” — Jacques

  • Wednesday, laundry, backups, photo processing, blogging at Mykonos Taverna, somebody stole my laptop bag out of the back of my car – good thing I made full backups, weekly meeting.
  • Make double sure your car is locked when parking around Sea Point. Remote jamming is a thing. My laptop was stolen from the back of my car. Sea Point CID looked at CCTV footage and confirmed it was a case of remote jamming.
  • Thursday, up early to upgrade a server, a quick visit to Greenmarket Square with CID people and police – to try track down my laptop, Sea Point police station, braai at home with Al and Adrian and the dutch models.
  • Friday, drove to Paarl, biltong shopping in Franschhoek, drove to Grabouw, lunch at The Melting Pot at Oak Valley – used to be The Pool Room – good food – epic Groenland chardonnay, Jakals River Farm.
  • Saturday, Perigine Farm Stall breakfast, mostly tech-free day, reading Dune – finally, afternoon walk, too windy for the hot tub, watched Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark, fell asleep on the couch.
  • Sunday, Houw Hoek Hotel visit, epic afternoon nap, walked the dogs around the apple and pear orchards, watched Rocketman again, time well spent.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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