Quick Update

Amor fati – love the hand fate deals…

7 Koppies
  • Week of 15-21 March
  • Monday, woke up at 7 Koppies, poached eggs, worked by the pool, walk, epic sunset, photo processing and tinkering.
  • Remember kids, How to be useful to others
  • 1999 – the best movie year
  • Tuesday, woke up at 7 Koppies again, breakfast with a view, drove to Cape Town, weekly meeting, catch up with Wouter, sunset podcast promenade walk.
  • Amor Fati
  • Not the best week, less wine photos this week – more dentist fun – about to get a titanium upgrade. On my second course of antibiotics now. Turns out you get two broad categories. You can’t drink any alcohol when taking the antibiotics for anaerobic bacteria. Toothache can really fuck with your quality of life – but modern painkillers are pretty impressive.
  • Wednesday, Sea Point, dentist 3D scan, other dentist imprint, drove to Pearl Valley, sushi.
  • The Facebook pet project beat Alan Winde in page likes.
  • Thursday, up early, walked the dog, home officing, sushi at Oku in Franschhoek, Antonij Ruper Wyne wine tasting – because loadshedding and with wine tasting I mean having tea, Topiary wines.
  • My stolen Macbook finally showed up on FindMy app and received its lock message. A bit more peace of mind.
  • Friday, pedicures, lunch at Big Dog Cafe, afternoon walk around the golf course, we made salad.
  • Saturday, morning dog walk, lunch at Le Lude – good food – but try sit outside because of the acoustics, mini high tea bubbly tasting, nap, walk, watched Spirited Away again.
  • New fav bubbly: Le Lude Brut – tastes a bit salty – very good.
  • Sunday, photo processing, shut down a few things which were probably taking up more time than is healthy, a little Sunday adventure to the doctor in Paarl because of an ear infection – so third round of antibiotics – faack – and some Quadriderm to the rescue again, watched Howl’s Moving Castle again, dog walk, salad, watched The Trial of the Chicago 7.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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