Quick Update

Memonto mori – you are mortal, life is short.

  • Week of 22-28 March.
  • Monday, PV club house breakfast, fetched Mia, road trip to Montagu, hot springs visit, walk, evening hot springs visit.
  • Tuesday, slept until almost 10am, hotel breakfast, chilled afternoon, tour of the Montagu farm stalls, The Barn on R62, pizza, evening hot springs visit.
  • Wednesday, slept late, R62 road trip with Mia, we stopped for lunch at Christina’s bistro at Van Loveren, scenic drive to Somerset West, dropped Mia off, a quick Dirk visit and a tour of his new irrigation system, sushi at the PV clubhouse and a sunset walk.
  • Thursday, the big dentist day, had to be driven home, smoothies and meds, sunset podcast golf course walk and a phone chat with Jacques.
  • Pro tip: Just skip the root canal and go for the titanium screw option. Not bad at all. Only snag – I’m now on my 4th antibiotics course and I have a whole bag of meds including pro-biotics and steroids – which I think are to help the bone settle around the screw.
  • Friday, up early, network configs, walked to The Yard and had lunch, drove back to Cape Town, braai with Wouter.
  • Two types of jobs: 1) doing things others don’t want to do, 2) doing things others can’t do. If you are not in engineering, you are in support.
  • Saturday, breakfast at Naked with Wouter, photo processing, backups, walked to the Waterfront, late lunch at Den Anker – steak tartare – easy to chew, oh bother the L’Occitaine shop closed, a glass of red wine with Wouter.
  • Listen to the Jerm interview with Stefan Moleneux.
  • Sunday, Clifton beach walk, Debian 10.9 upgrades, nap, configured a VM in London and played with mysql replication, pasta and red wine with Wouter and Justin.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

1 thought on “Quick Update

  1. How did I get here? Oh yes. It had something to do with Manjaro crashing on my laptop at 2am. Distrowatch. Debian. HEY, I saw something about Debian, oh yes Joe Botha shared that, let’s see how he is. Checked your blog out because it is the only working part of a very outdated web page, but alas, those are only used for shopping and contact details these days anyway. Loved the HST extract.

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