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The best robot so far...

Podcast Walk
  • Week of 3 to 9 May.
  • Health week 1/6 - warm-up week.
  • Monday, braai meat for breakfast, PV gym, home office, fetched Mia, Franschhoek, sunset podcast walk.
  • Tuesday, May the 4th be with you, school run, home office, smoothie making, creative writing, weekly meeting, batch email sending - sending an email to ~800 people is an art, fetched Mia, quick mid-week braai - Mia made a mushroom sauce with Paul's recipe.
  • Paul's Mushroom Sauce - Goes well with braai steak.

    You will need: onions, butter, olive oil, garlic, brown mushrooms, cream, brandy, rosemary, mezina, milk.

    Just lightly fry a few onion slices in butter. You can add splash of olive oil so butter doesn’t burn too easily. Adding a little garlic is optional.

    Then fry sliced mushrooms with the butter and onions. I find only brown mushrooms or Portabello mushrooms have that rich earth flavour that makes the sauce best. Good to add some Rosemary to mushrooms as they fry.

    Once they’re cooked, and moisture has cooked off, add a splash of brandy or whiskey (like 2/3 tots), to de-glaze the pan. Careful, it might flame up from a few seconds here. Then reduce again.

    Finally, slowly add your cream. One container of Woolies pouring cream works well, then you can add a dash of milk. Thicken finished simmering sauce with little Mezina if necessary.

  • Wednesday, up early, school run, Boschendal, email scrubbing morning, day in Paarl, Laborie lunch with Phil - love those bone marrow snails, Tavelberg - got a dishwasher a drinks fridge (with a lock) and a first aid kit, Paarl Mall, tea with Mia.
  • Locks keep people honest.
  • Thursday, school run, new toys arrived, VdV gym, sunset podcast golf course walk.
  • Dad in the winelands life is pretty cool - even better with a dishwasher.
  • This week I learned about server NIC interrupt coalescence - batching packets to save CPU resources.
  • Friday, school run, VdV gym, home office - played SIM ISP, fetched Mia, La Paris deli, Back's deli, sunset podcast golf course walk, Mia arranged a sleep-over party, watched Unfinished Business.
  • Saturday, walked to the club house for coffee, smoothies, connected the new dishwasher for its maiden voyage wash - let's be honest - pretty much the best kind of robot we've managed to figure out so far, Eikestad Mall visit and drove around three teenagers, stocked my first-aid kit - I can now host kids and adult parties, sunset walk, set up a new water filter.
  • Mia makes a pretty mean mushroom sauce now.
  • Sunday, morning walk, Mia made breakfast wraps, gym - found a hex bar, dropped Mia's friend off at Rushmore, we did a quick braai mission - Spur level efficient cooking - start to finish with dishes is dishwasher: 60 min - and breakfast for the next day.
  • Tune of the week: Cover Me In Sunshine

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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