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Women are chaos...

Sunset Walk
  • Week of 17-23 May. Health week 2/6.
  • Monday, watched Blade Runner with Paul - the original, non-director's cut version - where Dekard narrates the story - pretty sure I remember watching this version in the 80s at Jacques' house - but sadly I did not blog then - so I can't tell you when exactly.
  • Tuesday, cooked some steak and eggs with Paul, Tempur mattress toppers arrived - 7cm version, weekly meeting, sunset podcast walk, I finally watched the recent Nvidia keynote - you can now get a 400Gbps network card for your PC - which is 40,000 times faster than the network cards we used to play Quake with around 1998 in the Stellenbosch house - you have to scratch your head to think of an industry that has progressed more.
  • "Learn something about everything and everything about something." -- Thomas Huxley

  • Wednesday, gym, Cape Town day, dentist checkup, Waterfront - got a green salt keeper - for the last step of the braai process, De Waterkant to get pillowcases, Indian dinner with Wouter and Rene at Sundoo - very tasty - nice catch-up.
  • I think I may have stumbled upon an interesting new networking project. Now I just need to build a lab.
  • Pro tip: dental implants take much longer to settle in the top of your mouth, slower bone growth rate.
  • Sleep 2.0 upgrades complete: NASA pillow, NASA mattress, 800 thread count linen, silk pillowcases, fitbit to track sleep - I seem to get sleep scores in the low 80s at the moment, but slowly improving.
  • Thursday, rainy day, Paarl outing with Mia.
  • "Dating is just wondering why someone is single, then figuring it out." -- spotted in an Instagram story.

  • Friday, some reading about XDP, minor surgery on may arm - more collagen will be consumed, long phone chat with Dirk, network meeting, sunset walk, 9.5h sleep - the fitbit was happy.
  • Saturday, fetched Mia in Franschhoek, afternoon of Camparis at Moreson with old friends and new friends.
  • "The Truth, when you finally chase it down, is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears." -- Hunter S. Thompson

  • Sunday, slept late, braai with Mia, nap, some Netflix watching - The Office and some lame zombie movie to test the Dolby Vision (4k) and Dolby Atmos features of the new TV.
  • Tune of the week: Give A Little Bit - Supertramp

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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