Quick Update

Loadshedding and smart plugs...

Sunset Walk
  • Week of 31 May to 6 June.
  • Monday, braai meat for breakfast, gym - found a sauna, watched Mortal Engines - pretty entertaining.
  • Tuesday, 3am server admin and kernel upgrade, phone, watch and laptop upgrade day, research day - some learning about soft and hard interrupts, fetched Mia, we had supper at Back's deli, started watching Hamilton's Pharmacopeia (HP) Season 3.
  • My minor arm surgery seems to have went well - not much of a scar.
  • Wednesday, school run, worked at Boschendal, Paarl shopping, fetched Mia, made a fire, watched a doccie about the making of Ghostbusters, some loadshedding reading with a LED lamp and a battery pack.
  • "All software wants to be version 3.0"

  • Thursday, creative writing, gym, sauna, steam room, fetched Mia, mid-week braai, in bed early.
  • "Unless it's a law of nature it's only a theory." -- about seeing the world as a scientist

  • Feels like the podcasting scene has chilled out a lot. Slower release rates. Or maybe I've just been filtering more.
  • Friday, inbox zero, home officing and hardware shopping, sunset walk, long phone chat with Jacques, made a fire, watched more HP, the Xenon episode.
  • Saturday, De Zalze to plan some cabling work, breakfast with Al at Mont Marie - go check it out, Kanonkop - try the black label Pinotage, old vintage wine festival at Muratie with Paul and Nicci - got two bottles of port from 1998, made a fire at home and watched the last of HP S3 - very interesting ending.
  • Note to self: discover more cool places around the winelands, might as well.
  • Sunday, ordered an Oura Ring - let's see if the sizing kit arrives in SA, lunch with Mia at Vrede en Lust, L'Huguenot Vineyards, The Yard, epic nap, watched L4 on Netflix - not bad, loadshedding - so I connected the TV to a battery pack via a smart-plug (wifi IoT plug) - seems the TV uses between 50 and 100 watts - more watts when it uses the subs I'm guessing.
  • Why Oura? Because Apple watch has lame battery life for sleep tracking. Fitbit is ok, but I'm sure as hell not going to sign up for recurring payments so Google can give me Fitbit 'premium' features... and I'm keen to see how Oura does HRV related metrics.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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