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The Way I Work : Round 3

On a good morning there’s no alarm clock. I wake up with the sun. On most mornings I go for a walk around Lions Head or a walk to Clifton 1st beach while listening to a technology podcast. This is the best time to think, so I usually make a few notes along the way.

Getting back home, I shower, make tea (I don’t drink coffee) and cut up some fruit. I put on some music. I check my mail and read some news before sorting my todo list and getting on with work.

TrustFabric‘s office is a house next to the sea in Bakoven. Bakoven is like a seaside village only 10min drive outside the Cape Town CBD. We’re probably the only startup in the world with a cave to a beach. TrustFabric writes Open Source Vendor Relationship Management software.

One morning a week I like to take my laptop and go work in a coffee shop for a while. Usually Wembley Square or Caffe Neo. I usually bump into other Silicon Cape entrepreneurs at these spots. On Friday afternoons we often have a glass of wine on the beach or an after work braai.

My preference is to work from home where I have a good selection of music, nice views and a Herman Miller Aeron chair. I try not to use my car for about two days of the week.

TrustFabric is a team of 5 people at the moment. Two full-time, two part time and one advisor. We mostly use email, mailing lists and a bit of Skype for communications. I very rarely use a desk phone. These days I seem to do most of my required telephone time in the car (with a Bluetooth car kit). I figure driving is pretty unproductive time so I may as well catch up with a few people. I use Mutt.. it’s a text based mail client. I’ve been using it for more than 10 years. I’m thinking of switching to a graphical mail client.. mostly for better smime support.

I have three screens on my desk. My primary workstation is a Macbook Pro 13″ with a 26″ LCD.. nice and portable, but with 8GB memory, so it’s snappy. I use a Mac Mini for photo processing on the other 26″ LCD, also with 8GB memory. The two machines share the same mouse and keyboard over a GigE cable. I have a Nokia E72 phone.. I’m not really happy with it, but it does what I need to do: make phone calls and make notes. I don’t like typing on touch screen devices.

I have two hosted servers which run my email, personal website and blog: a Debian Linux server and a Mac Mini Server. I’m a very inactive Debian developer. Both servers have a RAID disk setup. There is an Ubuntu PC around the house for Mia, though her toy of choice is an iPod Touch.

Mia is my daughter. She’s turning five soon. This will be the third year of having a birthday party for her on the beach in front of the house.

Most of what I do happens on my laptop now. I switched to using the Dvorak keyboard layout about 10 years ago. It’s more efficient, you should try it. I do my best work mid-morning and late at night. Some people don’t need sleep, but I actually need 8 hours a night.

My biggest time-suck is email. I used to have a pretty complex procmail setup to sort mail into 42 different inboxes. I’m getting better, I’m down to about 20. I used to send about 800 emails in a busy month, also down to about 400. Mid-day I often check emails every ~15 minutes. I usually respond immediately. If it’s more complex I flag it and work on it later. I keep my primary inbox below 15 emails.

I like to listen to music all day. Some jazz, Madeleine Peyroux, also Groove Armada, Morcheeba and more recently Deadmau5. I use a pair of Sennheiser headphones at the office. There is a hifi system in the lounge with a big sub (mostly for Blu-Ray animated children’s movies). We throw some great parties here. We hook up all the hifi’s to Airport Express devices which let us play music throughout the house.

My standard work clothes are tshirts, shorts and slops. I seem to have two modes of working. 1) Road Warrior 2) Apply bottom to chair. On “road warrior” days anything goes, meetings, short projects, emails, phone calls etc. On “apply bottom to chair” days I make a list of longer attention span projects and try to complete one or two. I also have a working “out of phase” mode usually starting at around 20:00 and working till 0:00ish at night.

I’d like to say I read lots of business books or even novels, but I probably only read about five books per year at the moment. I’m reading the 4 Hour Body at the moment. I seem to like reading product manuals. I think I’ve read my camera manual 3 times.

I don’t do much people management these days. I don’t think I’m that bad at it, it just got a bit much at some point, so I try not to demand much time and effort from people around me. Working with self-motivated people rocks!

I go out for lunch on road warrior days, which fits well with my preference for no meetings before 10:00. Most days I just make myself an uber-healthy raw chocolate green smoothie for brunch which I’m convinced is really all I need to eat. When I’m at the office I like to make tuna rocket salads for a late lunch. Weekends are usually fresh juice days. I love making fresh juices. I used to go out for every meal, but I’m getting better at simple and practical cooking. To be honest I really only make an effort to cook when Mia is around.

In general, I’m pretty organised, not often late and good at keeping a schedule. I don’t have a PA at the moment, but it seems like a good idea. I try to limit business trips to about two per year. I’m very happy being in Cape Town. I try to go overseas in June/July every year for conferences and do some traveling. I visited London, Boston, Egypt and Greece last year. I like adventure travel. I try not to plan much when I visit a new place. I just read a quick guide on the plane on the way there. I like going to places with good SCUBA diving sites.

Once a week I go through the notes I made on my phone. Some get moved to a todo list. Some get moved to my blog notes. Some get deleted. I guess it’s my version of GTD, but it’s not only about tasks, it’s about tracking ideas and recording creative thinking.

I co-founded and sold my shares in 3 technology businesses by age 33. I’m working on the next one. I’m turning 34 this year. Steve Jobs started Next at age 31, so I figure early 30s is a good time for a big change. My primary job is CEO and Product Owner at a new tech start-up. TrustFabric is self funded and incubated, but we are busy talking to a few investors to help fund the business. It’s a big, scary, global, change the world idea that’s been bugging me for the last 7 years. I believe we are drawn to exciting projects and happiness is a product of excitement. Wealth is a side effect of passion.

The plan with TrustFabric is to build a startup and an open source project with a good story to tell. We want to build a business and set up a community that will be around 30 years from now. TrustFabric is also an experiment in finding a better business model. I like the idea of doing well and doing good: the .com + .org business model. owns 26% of the .com business. We’re busy hacking the fabric of business. Hacking for good. I think in the next 10 years the most successful businesses are those who conquer the moral high ground.

I used to do lots of non-profit work (for WAPA and ISPA). It was fun to unfocus, but I’m very happy to be focused again.

I like to meet interesting people. I like connecting people and ideas. I sometimes help organise GeekDinners and I enjoy speaking at geeky events.

I enjoy photography. I take (keep) about 10k photos per year at the moment. My photos are autobiographical — though I have a good memory, photos help me trigger memories. I’m maybe a bit overly sentimental about photos. If the difference between an amateur photographer and a pro is that the amateur shows you everything they shoot.. I’m something in between. I have a photoblog where I publish my better work, but I share most of what I shoot with friends. I need to have a bit more discipline in keeping the photoblog active. I enjoy shooting travel photos and live music (often Afrikaans Punk Rock), but I’d guess about 50% of my photos are of Mia. Usually from our sunset beach walks.

I have a Canon 5DmkII DSLR and I sometimes take photos with my little waterproof Canon Powershot D10. I have three lenses for the 5D: a 16-35mm f/2.8 wide angle, a 85mm f/1.2 and a 70-200mm f/2.8. I like these because they are so different to what the human eye can do, the first is very wide and the second lets through an insane amount of light and the third has a nice zoom.. going to 400mm with a doubler.

On weekends I don’t do much work, mostly because I’m entertaining Mia, but I still check email or write the odd blog post after I put Mia to bed. It’s nice work life separation. I think many people have flexible work times (balance) but clear “no work” times (separation) are good to have.

I never really cared to build an audience for my blog. I blog for myself and maybe about 15 friends. I try to at least write one post per week.. a brief bullet list style diary of sorts. The rest of my posts are a bit random.. I write when I feel like it. I have no idea how many regular readers I have.

I’m a bit sad that Twitter seems to have taken over much of the blogging time of the friends around me. I love reading interesting blogs. I like it when people sit down and do some longer attention span writing on a topic close to them.

My all time favourite quote:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
–- George Bernard Shaw

Don’t be afraid of designing and creating your own reality. That’s what entrepreneurs do.


  • This is an update to : The Way I Work. One year later.
  • You may recognise some of this from‘s blog. I still see Matt as the benchmark for the new geek entrepreneur.
  • I think it’s useful to track how we evolve in our quests to work smarter. If nothing else it gets me thinking about things I’d like to change and things I’d like to work towards.
  • I like to read about how other people work, so if you find this useful, please write your story and link here.

TrustFabric Silicon Cape Pitch

My 60 second pitch for the 2nd Silicon Cape networking event.

Tonight I’d like to tell you about a Cape Town startup called TrustFabric.

1) What is it?

TrustFabric is a new way of thinking about personal information management.

I like to say TrustFabric builds flying cars. We give them away for free and we make money by being air traffic control.

The flying cars are Agents.. digital butlers. Everybody needs one. Agents help you manage your personal information and are connected by trusted relationships.

TrustFabric is a fully distributed network of autonomous agents.

To make sense of this network, which is basically anarchy, you need air traffic control. This is how we make money: Micro trust billing.

2) What makes us different?

We want to change the world. Seriously.

We’re not an attention business. We don’t sell ads. We focus on reputation and trust.

TrustFabric has as open source business model. We give away our software. It’s a new, open ecosystem for information management.

3) What is the potential here?

Manage your relationships in one place. Engage the world on your terms.

Realistic, scalable relationships between business and consumers.

The end of spam – No more un-authenticated communication.

A new trusted, social fabric.

4) Join us

We are currently running an invite-only alpha service. To sign up for our alpha service.. come ask me for a business card.


Thank you.

The Next 5 Years

So I voted on Wednesday.. for the DA. The queue was really short in Camps Bay.

I think the election results are.. not bad. The ANC did not get their 2/3 majority. The DA did very well and secured the Western Cape.

I hope that in the next 5 years the DA shows the rest of the country how a province can be run. I hope that in the next 5 years the bulk of this country matures to see the value of a more balanced democracy… and don’t just by default vote for the next muppet the ANC produces.

5 Years is a long time. A very long time for a 67 year old man with 4+ wives. A long time to live the lifestyle of a dictator. All that temptation for fraud and corruption. Good thing he has no hair to turn grey.

Blog Awards Reprise

I attended the SA Blog Awards ceremony on Friday night.

Good fun.

Very well done.. Chris, Dave, Miguel and Tyler.

Many familiar faces, but also many new faces.. people I’ve not seen at any geeky events before.. oh, and a fair number of hot woman, can you believe it? (-;

I few comments and suggestions.. for improvements:

  • I liked the dog-tags idea.
  • The club venue worked well, the only negative was all the smoking and limited ventilation. Sure it’s a club, but it’s before 21:00 and it’s the blog awards people.. go outside.
  • Chris was super successful in getting lots of sponsors this year, maybe a bit too successful. I’d suggest next year should have a bit more of a formal sponsorship structure.. silver, gold, platinum.. or something like that. Cap it at 10 or even 5. People get bored listening to 30 different sponsors who gave 3 tshirts each. Surely the value for key sponsors gets diluted if there are so many sponsors.
  • The format/structure of announcing each winner in sequence needs some thought. It gets a little bit boring. Maybe less categories. Maybe some entertainment in between. Maybe something as simple as a good story to keep the audience focused and involved.

About the results:

I’m impressed that we have at least one pro blogger.. (not sure if hobos blog or if that would count).

I am a bit concerned about the result for the best blog award and the message this sends about South African bloggers.. though I know this is (in theory) more a message about South African blog readers. Then again the blog awards are for bloggers.. that’s just my “by the geeks for the geeks” kinda thinking. It should be about recognising the work of our peers.

The best blog result reminds me a bit of Epic 2014..

At its best, edited for the savviest readers, EPIC is a summary of the world — deeper, broader and more nuanced than anything ever available before. But at its worst, and for too many, EPIC is merely a collection of trivia, much of it untrue.

I know tabloids are probably the fastest growing and dependable print media business. I get the whole democracy thing.. it’s about popularity.. and it’s not perfect but it’s the best system we have, I get that “sex sells”, but.. I simply wish we could have a best blog focused on something like entrepreneurship or really cool new and innovative ideas.

I’m not against involving the general public in the voting process.. they are the readers, but maybe a more merit based (as opposed to popularity) voting system should be used for at least the best blog.

The blog awards have been going for a while. We have an idea who the leading bloggers are. I would suggest we ask them (previous winners and judges) for an OPML export each to see what the bloggers read (as opposed to what the readers read).

Should be very easy to parse, count and pop out a top 10. I’d love to see the results.


Keith has this theory that some people create hate to avoid other emotions.
I agree. This resonated again on Friday afternoon.

Makes me think of a trip to Joburg a long time ago..

One of my school friends had an interesting theory about love and hate (and taxi drivers). It comes down to: “too much love makes you gay, hate is healthy”.

I guess you know that “Wear Sunscreen” song.. “Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft.”

I guess the same is true about Joburg and Cape Town.

Seems taxi drivers keep you straight.

Moral High Ground

Today I went for a haircut at Bianca’s.

As I park a parking fee collector (?) walks up to me, looks at me with a blank face and waits for me to say something. Interesting sales pitch.. a bit like that poker game where you hold a card to your head. Anyway, I pay R3.50 for 30min of parking time. Fine.

Nice haircut. Always good to catch up with B.

I get back to my car. The collector is sitting around. I walk by and get in my car. As I’m about to drive away, she stops me and points me at her big black electronic gizmo (the size of 3 Nokia 2110 mobile phones).. I exceeded the 30min I paid for. Ok, the device claims I need to pay for an extra 10min.

She wants R3.50 for 10min. I offer her R1. Nope.

Then I ask, don’t you think it’s wrong that I need to pay R3.50 for 10min. Yes, she answers. It’s wrong, but even 1min costs R3.50.

Ok. Then I ask, what exactly are you going to do if I don’t pay? She suggests she’s going to report me as a non-payer.

To which I respond. Well, you agree that paying R3.50 for 10min is wrong, so don’t do it. Bye.

A few things to ponder:

1) How do they get away with R3.50/30min minimum billing increments? They have an electronic device to work it out. Somebody wrote software for this.. surely the billing model should be more fair.

2) Who made that stupid looking traffic minute counter they carry around? It’s a joke. Maybe the idea is to keep them fit with some basic gravity resistance training.. or it could be some dodgy government contract. Please, you can do all of that math on a much smaller and cheaper device that’s not custom designed and manufactured.

3) R3.50 is expensive for a public parking space compared to what you pay in a mall. Nobody is paying rent for that parking space. In fact, I’m paying tax. Only 11% of people in this country pay income tax. I should park for free dammit!

4) If you want to program your drones with unfair billing logic you have to also equip them with some moral shielding systems. You simply can’t employ people that know right from wrong if you know you are doing wrong.

You could say that this is a form of civil disobedience.. but moral high ground trumps bureaucracy in this poker game.

Cape Town: The Greatest City in Africa

So, I’m running from Bakoven to Bantry Bay this morning, along Victoria road and I spot a news poster: “Cape Town, the Greatest City in Africa”. I think, wow.. I’m very lucky to be living the the most beautiful part of the greatest city in Africa.

A few weeks ago I’m busy cooking up some figure for a press release and I randomly ask “How many provinces does South Africa have?”. I get an answer and.. “Joe, how can you not know that?” To which I respond.. “dude, I live it Cape Town, I live in the first world.”

What’s my point?

1) I love Cape Town. In my mind it’s a first world city. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The fact that it’s on the Africa continent is of minor importance to me.

2) The world has changed. It’s more about community, a sense of belonging and shared ideals than which country you live in.

Is the DA doing a good job?

I read things like these and I just think.. compared to what?

At a recent tuXlabs workshop I found this very interesting:

Only 33% of schools in South Africa have internet access. 25% of schools in the Western Cape do NOT have internet access.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Join the Vespa Cult

Buy a Vespa GTV 250 for R89,950, join the cult.. and get a free helmet. No, you can’t have it in any other colour!

Does not sound like a very good deal right? Ok, let me start at the beginning, maybe you’ll change your mind.

Test Drive

A few weeks ago I was browsing around the Design Indaba and found a few pretty cool looking Vespa’s. I started talking to Mike. Mike sells Vespa’s.. but he also rides Vespa’s and he is very passionate about the Vespa lifestyle. He invited me to test drive a few Vespa’s one afternoon.


So, last week before soccer, I visit their showroom at the Waterfront, next to Audi. We find me a helmet that fits, shades on.. let’s roll.

I used to own a motorbike, a long time ago (when I was 17/18yo). Took me a minute or two to settle back into it. These Vespa’s were automatic (CVT). Very easy.

The first thing you notice: it’s fun. Second: freedom.. it’s not a car, you can navigate your way through traffic and you generally accelerate a lot faster than the other traffic on the road.

We took a drive through the Waterfront, to Mouille Point, to Camps Bay and over Kloof Nek. Beautiful day for a test drive. I started off on the 150 and swapped with Mike half way to try the 250, which had a bit more power. Feels a bit weird taking corners on a scooter.. I was not sure how far you can push them, but I guess owners have it waxed.

Back at the showroom I took a Bat-mobile looking scooter for a spin. 500cc, also good fun.


Which one is the best option?

The LX150 at about R50k will do most everything, but maybe not something you want to take outside of Camps Bay regularly.

The GTS 250 at about R80k is probably the best value, all round.

The GTV 250 at about R90k is way cool, retro styling, very groovy gadgets and true to Vespa breeding. The best investment.

I know what you are thinking.. “..for a little wire wind-pump?” (-:
It’s a SCOOTER? Are you nuts? I can buy a Moto Mia scooter for R10k!
That was Andrew’s response.

Who buys these things? Most of Mike’s customers are males in their 30s and 40s.


It’s an Icon

Vespa is a design icon. It’s a cult brand. Vespa was the first globally successful scooter. They were even used in World War II. People travel across continents on these things.

They are cool, but as Mike says.. you have to be very secure in your manhood to drive a little baby blue LX150, haha.

Also, you have to understand that Vespa is not in the business of selling motorcycles, it’s in the fun lifestyle business.

How do you sell a guy a Vespa that already drives a convertible?

The good..

  • They are awesome fun to ride, in nice weather.
  • I like the social element.. the Vespa runs sound cool. Though I’m a bit worried they will attract Mini Cooper driving dorks.
  • Do they pull chicks? I don’t know. I guess so. Ladies?
  • 35km / Litre, not bad.
  • You have to love how the helmet fits under the seat.

The bad..

  • I spend most of my weekends with a 3yo. She can’t go on a Vespa.
  • We’re moving into winter soon.
  • GTV 250 is only available in beige (this year). Beige! FFS.
  • Oh, you should kinda get a bike licence, though this seems like a minor issue.

I think I’ll wait a year. Still a pretty cool toy.

Go for a test drive

Michael Eastaugh
Vespa Cape Town, Caltex Centre, Dock Road, V&A Waterfront
021 425 7944

Quick Update

This week’s post is a bit overdue, let’s see..

  • Monday, woke up in Stellenbosch, took a drive to the end of the Jonkershoek road with the top down, had lunch with Mia, her sister and mom, discovered a very cool little beach between Bakoven and Camps Bay, awesome sunset, had frogurt on Camps Bay Boulevard, perfect night for a walk.
  • “My word I’m hungover! Death warmed up.” — Debby

  • “Some people spend their lives in the traffic and never smell the washing.” — Naulene

  • “As soon as I have the perfect office everything will be OK.” — Naulene

  • “Good taste without power has no impact.”

  • Tuesday, meeting with Steve Song and Andrew Rens at TSF about Open Spectrum, soccer at La Med, kinda scored the winning goal.. drinks at La Med.. starting to like Camps Bay (even more), Waiting Room with Keith to see Julia Jacobsen and Nice. Really enjoyed the music.. so much life, you have to love Long Street in the summertime.
  • Wednesday, blisters from soccer.. but not too stiff, haircut at B’s, Orms visit.. I think I found a new hobby in DSLR’s, Neighbourhood bar with Cath, the plan was to go see Lonesome Dave Ferguson at Julep but ended up at Cape to Cuba bar.. the one at the top.
  • “..that’s one way to put it, another way would be that we were simply late”.

  • Driving home, I figured I was pretty chilled on Wednesday night.. I call it “peaceful lost time”. You see, I had a (long) Amobia meeting planned but that did not happen, which kinda leaves you with this feeling.. oh, well.. bonus!
  • “Got a light on you mate.. how can you start a revolution without a fire?” — Brandon at Cape to Cuba

  • “multi tasking is for girls”

  • “I am not as shallow as the two of you, talking about shallow…what’s green, wet, and doesn’t have a topless.. pool boy cleaning it (presumably because it’s overcast)…?” — Keith

  • Thursday, a bit of pool cleaning, I was invited to go to the DA website launch but had to go and win a little personal battle at the ISPA GM to get joining fees removed for ISPA peering points.
  • Seems I can still go 3 weeks without needing to do my washing, a good bachelor skill to master.
  • Friday, shopping, Chinese bloggers braai.. sundowners at Beta Beach and a night out at Chevelle.. (yeah, the website sucks).. the hot cars, the hot clubs, the hot chicks.
  • At least somebody seems to like my weekly bullet list blogging style.
  • “Do you ever blog while on the loo?” — Keith asked Nikki

  • “If you have to chase it, it’s running.” — Parri, about girls

  • I figure it’s a good idea to start limiting blog posts to the 250 word range.
  • “Life is slow when the groove is on,
    tripping lights fantastic disco show” — Groove Armada

  • Saturday, dropped Andy off, fetched Mia, went shoe shopping with Mia.. we got two pairs each (Mia’s are almost as cool as Nikki’s), I have new trail runners and soccer boots, Beta Beach play park, dinner, watched Semi Pro, restless sleep.. Mia was a bit sick.
  • “He fall down” — Mia, after throwing a cat in a bush
  • Sunday, Monsters Inc., we made uber fruit juice, gym, swim, flapjacks at Knead, ice cream at Sinn’s, GP visit, took Mia home, Goldfish at La Med with Andy and Keith.. for about 10min I was a Cosmo VIP, Jules and the Fools at Joburg bar.. love the chorus on that “time after time” (video) song, nice Pixies cover, but the venue was a bit smoky.
  • “Everybody Love Everybody” — Jackie Moon, Semi Pro

  • Manage to not touch my laptop the entire weekend, that’s a first.
  • Tunes of the week: Groove Armada, Best of.

Looking forward to soccer at La Med this afternoon.. have a fun week.

Short Attention Span Living

So, I recently moved, again.. 3rd time in 6 months. Maybe it’s a phase I’m going through. At the moment living in the same place for more than 1 year seems long.

We’re living in Bakoven now. Andy, Keith and Joe. Been here just over a week. I like it. Mia loves it. The kittens seem very happy.

I count 17 empty wine bottles in our recycling pipeline after week 1. This recycling thing is not all bad.. gives us some stats, haha.

Seems most people have a fear of moving. Sure, it’s stressful and disruptive.. but, I kinda like the idea of being a tourist in my own city. I call it: short attention span living. Why not?

“it use to be people lived in their homes, now they sleep in their houses” — unknown

I’m on first name basis with a number of rental agents in town by now. Searching for places to stay is maybe the most challenging part. Also, you need good movers. I have really cool movers (thanks Jonathan).

The first thing you’ll notice is that scale in important. Shopping for a two bedroom place is not really worth it. The value curve just looks a lot better for 3+ bedroom places.

This kinda implies you need a few similar thinking people to live with. People who handle change well and you get along with. Fun people.

Internet access is the next snag. It’s not always easy finding something with good Amobia coverage.

The most recent move was, well.. interesting. By the last weekday of the month we had not yet signed a lease for a new place.. but the movers were busy loading our stuff at 11am. Point of no return.. _really_ in between places. Then Mia’s mom phoned and asked me to look after her.. try moving while entertaining a 2yo.

At some point that afternoon the movers had been waiting for 2 hours with all our furniture in front of the new house while I did the final lease negotiations. Living on the edge.

You can see how the stress affects the cats (not my cats). I was pretty tired the next day from packing and unpacking. Lying on Llandudno beach that Sunday.. I figured it was actually all rather painless.

I love living in Cape Town. Let’s see.. I’ve lived in Vredehoek, Newlands fernwood, Newlands village, Somerset West (briefly), Gardens, Obs (briefly), Tamboerskloof and now Bakoven / Camps Bay.

I think I’d still like to live in.. Bishops Court, Llandudno, Kalk bay, Glen Beach, Higgovale and Oranjezight.

As a friend told me once, it’s all about service, lifestyle and experiences. The Straw Man lifestyle — as my cousin Jacques calls it.

“Ninety percent of all things, good or bad are done because of a mortgage, maybe more people should rent.” — Thank You for Smoking

Travel Writing

A few weeks ago my friend Keith, the travel writer, asked me to write something about crazy blonds around Cape Town. Just for fun..

In summer months Cape Town becomes a playground for escapist world
travellers. Scandinavian binging bimbos with fatalistic party instincts.
Voracious monsters of moral corruption on brief third world holidays.

Could be a fun job.