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Quick Update

Weekly bullet-news..

  • Monday, gym, uber-juice, ISPA PR working group, Lions Head walk, Glen Beach sunset, “red olives” at the Daily Deli, bumped into Janine, watched Hancock again.. it was better the 2nd time.
  • Tuesday, FICA admin (what a waste of time), spinning, Suicide gorge and Lions Head full moon walk (12 Dec) planning.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, lunch at Manna with Cath, watched Taken.. really cool movie.. I can relate.. also nice S8 driving scene, sushi in Obs with Georg and girls from Holland.. after a few drinks they understood Afrikaans and we understood Dutch, they insisted on going to a Kareoke bar.. that was a strange experience, bumped into Nicola at Bang Bang.
  • Thursday, Gardeners Cottage in Newlands with the boys from Westcon and Extreme Networks. Took the Extreme guys to see the Hub project switch.. a bit nerdy maybe. Teraco DC1 visit, 80%+.. should be finished in the next 10 days. Official tours should start in Jan. Lions head walk and a drive around Camps Bay. Braai at home with very nice lamb steaks and gourmet braai-broodjies (red onion and mozerella). Watched Hitman.. more Audi product placement.
  • Song of the week: Silver Springs, Fleetwood Mac, kinda like a revenge love song.. nice idea:

    Time cast a spell on you… you won’t forget me…
    I know I could’ve loved you but you would not let me….
    I’ll follow you down ’til the sound of my voice will haunt you..
    You’ll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you..

  • Friday, braai-broodjies.. breakfast of champions.. hmm, can’t find a Wikipedia entry for those I’ll have to go add it :-P, early car service, Mia time, visited the Audi showroom in the Waterfront, Mia climbed around in the new TTs, bumped into Chris (another Audi fan), Clifton 4 sundown picnic with Georg and Lindy.. Wavescape surf movie.
  • I asked Mia if she remembers what’s on the front of my Amobia cap.. she said: “radio”.. how’s that for brand association (-:
  • Saturday, gym, swim, Beta Beach with Andy.
  • Sunday, Mia was up at 5AM!.. first night she asked to sleep without a nappy (with success).. because “I’m a big girl”, watched Treasure Planet again, uber-juice, gym, swim, drive to Somerset West, very nice lunch at Fishmonger in Stellenbosch, visit to Fairview wine farm (Paarl), it was a hot day: 39deg, awesome nap, La Med (briefly), jacSharp at Karma in Camps Bay.
  • I’ve been invited to the jacSharp “press and media launch” of their debut album this week. Cool.. now all I need is a date (-;

Have a fun week..
I’m off to walk up Lions Head again.

Quick Update

The weekly dose of me, me me…

  • Monday, dropped Mia off at school, tea with her mom, since I always drive by the place and wonder what’s inside I stopped and visited Lady Chatterley’s Chamber on Kloofnek ..most interesting, burger with Georg and Christo at Da Vinci’s.. try the Milan burger, watched Saints and Soldiers and The OC.. end of season one, finally.
  • 300th crackbook friend, 300th blog post
  • Figured I need a detox week, this lasted 4 days.
  • Tuesday, Long Street Baths swim with Andy, CLUG talk at UCT, CLUG dinner at Adesso.. to arrange Nov GeekDinner logistics, watched some James Randi youtube about spoon bending.
  • Wednesday, Cape Town’s finest taxi service, installed new x350 Extreme switch for The Hub project (new website due soon), Teraco CPT site visit, brunch at Cocoa Wah Wah in Rondebosch, 1km swim, bumped into Lyle at the pool, Amobia Exco meeting at Da Vinci’s (again), jacSharp Electro at FTV.
  • Thursday, gym, WAPA committee meeting at my place, drinks at the Radisson for The Training Room Online launch, full moon Lion’s Head walk… on my own. I think I need to write a (nasty) blog post about people that say they are going to show up but don’t.
  • Friday, killer abs class, made an uber-healthy-juice with my new juicer, emergency party gift shopping at Tinka Tonka Toys in Gardens, they were very helpful, chaired the WAPA AGM at Eikendal and I was elected to the WAPA management committee again. Mia and I attended Belle’s 6th birthday party.. island girl theme. Had home made burger’s at Will’s house.. some Springfield Wild Yeast Chardonnay (must be my fav wine at the moment) and authentic Mexican Mezcal with a worm in the bottle, Mia passed out on the couch and we slept over.
  • Do you ever get the feeling (fear) that you could be missing out on a revolution.. a cool hobby with an interesting evolving history?.. one of those windows in time that people look back on and say.. those were the days. New oceans to navigate.
  • Some days I wonder if maybe I’m just trying to progress (regress?) to a student lifestyle.. maybe I just miss the mountain biking and the crayfish diving.
  • Saturday, Will smoothies, gym, swim.. Mia now goes under the water and doggy paddles, had to drag her away from the pool, Clifton 4th with Mia and Will, perfect night for a braai at our place, this time Will ended up sleeping over.
  • Sunday, early’ish Clifton 2nd session, watched The Big Lebouski again, jacSharp at Karma – Camps Bay.. try Tanqueray and cranberry juice.

Idea of the week: Don’t try too hard, often it will come to you.. just need to find the right channel.

Have a fun week.

The Training Room Online

The kind people at The Training Room Online invited me to the Radisson Hotel for cocktails and canepes this week to celebrate the launch of their new venture. Good thing that Cape Town storm ended on Thursday. A nice day for cocktails.

I’m always supportive of new and innovative Cape Town technology businesses. This is such a cool idea. Beauty in simplicity.

They basically create online training videos and offer a web based testing platform, mostly for the corporate market it seems. You end up with a simple, intuitive (familiar) training system which you can access from pretty much anywhere at any time. It’s a standardised (uniform) environment for all the learners and keeps a nice history of courses completed and scores achieved.

I recently completed two online training courses on Extreme Networks switching. Their system worked really well… the challenge is in the content and the freshness of the material. Makes me think training course material is something you should think about outsourcing.. if only to motivate somebody to keep it all up to date.

Get in touch with Training Room Online if you have training needs.

Extreme Networks Customer Advisory Council

Just had a 30min chat with the Extreme Networks Customer Network Requirements Director about joining their Customer Advisory Council.

It’s basically a structured focus group or think tank which meets once or twice a year at their HQ in California. The next one is in November.

They present their new ideas to the council and we get to give them our feedback and ideas. We get to see all the next generation technology. How cool is that.

Seems I’ll be the only person from Africa. Good thing I have that 10 year US visa. Well, I still have to wait for the formal invite. *thumbs*

Quick Update

I missed my usual Sunday night blog post session. Let’s just say there was enough wine around at the time. Mostly been catching up after a busy weekend. Let’s see..

  • I finished the Extreme Networks ECDP course. Next is ENA and then most probably ENS in Dubai.
  • Worked on the Teraco switch fabric design and commercial agreements (talking turkey).
  • Wednesday was an Amobia exco meeting in Stellenbosch.
  • Thursday, watched Semi-Pro, Will Farrel is a god.
  • Friday to Monday was Mia time. She’s a good partner in crime and a unique alarm clock… luckily she has a weakness for rooibos tea, Melissa’s rusks and Monsters, Inc. In that order.
  • Friday afternoon, Mia and I visited Will for his birthday in Somerset West. Mia locked us out of his house for a while.
  • Saturday, made Maltabella porridge and watched the rugby. Traveled to Franschhoek for the Bastille day festival. Had lunch with WSE, Cath and Parri.
  • Visited Haute Cabriere for sundowners, home of Pierre Jourdan. Awesome views. Great cap classique.
  • Sunday, gym, swim, snack at Knead, ice cream at Sinn’s, Deer Park play area where we ran into Dorje. Mia says she wants her own blog.
  • Had lunch at Greens with Jonathan and Lynnae.
  • Sunday night we had a braai with friends in Llandudno. I suck at Scrabble.
  • It’s been a challenging few weeks, but I’m lucky to have very supportive friends.
  • Cape Town is a nice place to raise children.

On with the week.

Quick Update

Joe’s extended birthday news..

  • Monday, we had a pre-GeekDinner to look at the next venue and a burger at Royale.
  • The next GeekDinner will be on 31 July. See you there.
  • Tuesday, had a burger at Da Vinci’s in Kloof Street with WSE. Try the Milan burger. Very yummy. Finally sorted out my trust documents now that I have closure.
  • More Extreme ECDP training.
  • Had my hair cut at Pink 23, 39 Roeland street, by a friend: Bianca, +27 21 461 1067, try it.
  • Thursday morning, time with Mia. Shopping for new swimwear and shoes.
  • Thursday afternoon, drove to Montagu with Anton. Had a nice dinner followed by a morning in the local hot springs.
  • Friday was my 31st birthday. Had a fun party at Asoka. Thank you to everybody who showed up, phoned or emailed. Thanks for the gifts.
  • Rainy Saturday, just chilling and reading.
  • Discovered Cath’s blog.
  • Sunday, brunch at Lazari’s in Gardens, watched Marie Antoinette, dinner in Stellenbosch.
  • Dropped Anton off at the airport and then watched You only live twice.

Quick Update

I have not been blogging much lately. Go figure. Weekly news summary as usual..

  • I entered Amobia in a venture fund competition. Should have some feedback by mid July.
  • Added a Crackbook page for Amobia.
  • Watched Zeitgeist, 40 Year Old Virgin and Oceans Eleven.
  • We had a Frogfoot company photo taken for 2008. Pics at the usual place.
  • Completed the Extreme Networks ECSP training course.
  • Made a fact sheet for WAPA.
  • Walked up Lions Head three times this week. Helps me think.
  • I’m getting back into a swimming routine. Helps me think.
  • Friday, made a new friend by apologising to an old friend. We avoided each other for the last 3 years.
  • Removed two ~nasty blog posts.
  • I brewed up Joe’s famous thai green curry on Friday evening. Nice to cook.
  • Visited Wellington on Saturday afternoon.
  • Anton is in ZA for a week. Had a nice dinner with friends at the Fishmonger followed by drinks at the Akker.
  • Saturday and Sunday was Mia time. We watched Babe today. Sweet movie.

Quick Updates

Bullet point update for the week..

  • I’ve slowly been working through a mountain of email after last weeks holiday. If you are waiting for a reply, well.. I’ll get to it.
  • I was contacted about joining the Extreme Networks Customer Advisory Council. It’s a forum for “innovative and creative user of Extreme Networks solutions”. Maybe it’s because I keep bugging them about the features I want.. often strange requests only people crazy enough to build wireless networks in Africa would think about.
  • I just returned from a Frogfoot staff cocktail party at Jaqui Daya. In celebration of the store’s 1st birthday we were invited for a few snacks and drinks.. it’s just around the corner from our office so we’re very good customers.
  • So, with a bit of social lubricant (vino) I finally updated and published a page that’s been in draft form for a while. I guess it’s still a draft but now it’s out there in the wild. It’s a page about Frogfoot’s company values.
  • I also added a hotspot overview page, to give everybody the bigger picture of how the Frogfoot Hotspot business model works.
  • Attended my first “powerplate” class on Wednesday. I guess it’s my fad of the month.
  • Note to self: don’t do any back exercises the day before looking after a 2yr old.

Keep out of trouble kids, but have a fun weekend.

Quick Update

Been a while since I wrote something here. I guess I’ve been busy. Let’s see, a few random updates…

  • Had a nice weekend in Pringle Bay with friends, got some sun.
  • Visited the Endeavor crew on the 28th floor of the LG building a while ago. Nice views. Still no real scope to work together it seems.
  • Been working on the web interface for the next Blio CPE software, which will allow Amobia to build outdoor (integrated) hotspots.
  • Had an Amobia meeting last night and looked at some financial stats. Amobia grew its revenue by about 110% over its last financial year 2006 vs 2007. Amobia is about 2.25 years old now. Well on it’s way to being a successful business when it gets to the magic 3 years figure.
  • We’ve spend a good number of hours planning, designing and developing the new Frogfoot website. Looking pretty awesome. It’s built on WordPress. We should have all the themes and styles done by tomorrow, which leaves me to write and update some content. Should launch early next week… but a few beers after work on Friday are in order. The new Frogfoot blog design is even nicer than the Swimgeek blog.. I’m going to have to think up something new for my blog design (-:
  • There’s been a few interesting developments on the VANS license conversion front. More sports to follow soon. We have a WAPA committe meeting tomorrow afternoon.
  • There has been good interest in the Blio IP PBX lately. A number of website queries and interest from PBX solution companies. There are a few demo units out in the field and we’ve had some good feedback. Working on improving the documentation and making it easier to get going after buying a PBX.
  • Frogfoot’s hotspot sales are starting to pick up. We’ve done some work on an easy sign-up process for hotspot operators and we have a new all singing and dancing hotspot software revision due within the next month. It will have much better integration with our accounting system and better automation of things like debit order forms and profit sharing payment notices.
  • Amobia’s touch rugby team has been on a winning streak, they are top of the log at the moment.
  • Frogfoot is now an Extreme Networks partner. We’re thinking of cabling up Teraco with purple cat6 cable. 😛
  • Attended a very interesting meeting about IPP’s (independent power providers) this week. Had a bit of a feeling of deja vu.. seems the electricity market in this country is currently where the telecoms market was 10+ yrs ago.
  • Looks like I’ll be in Wellington this weekend and maybe visit the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market again.

Catch you on the flipside, crazy kids.