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Quick Update

My first week in the new house in Obs. A week without internet access at home. I’m starting to miss my feed reading.

It’s an interesting change.. living with other people, cooking, TV, Xbox.. (shock, horror) and cats: Henry (female) and Tiggy.. sometimes I even give them food. I seem to be living out of a bag.. very Fight Club. Moving again at the end of the month.

Out of the old comfort zone.

Fuck it, Dude, let’s go bowling — The Big Lebowski

  • Monday, DA MP meeting, packing and moving, Scrubs, visited 3 driving ranges, went ten pin bowling, Beluga, Teazers, Mavericks, in bed by 21:00, home by 22:00, Ok, only kidding.. about the in bed by 21:00 part.
  • Tuesday, made myself Maltabella Porridge.. breakfast of champions, Scrubs, packing and moving, house shopping in Devils Peak, beer and pizza with friends.
  • Wednesday, Maltabella, Scrubs, house shopping in CBD, lunch at the oldest pub in Cape Town: Perseverance Tavern, visited the Ferarri showroom, picked up my new Nokia E71, River Club driving range, dinner with friends.
  • The final moments of the last episode of the first season of Scrubs is awesome. I just love Dr. Cox‘s sarcasm. My hero.
  • Thursday, configuring and syncing my E71, 4km run, River Club to hit a few balls.
  • Friday, Stellenbosch to visit an old friend, golf at Devonvale with Parri and Schalk, Tea and scones with Mia and the ~exwife at Lourensford.
  • At this point it must be noted that I don’t like golf and I only play about one real game of golf per year, but I can see why there are so many golf widows… and to be fair, golf-widow is better than playstation-widow, I guess.
  • Saturday, Maltabella, gym, swim, Deep Park with Cath and Parri, home cooked dinner. It’s not easy keeping an eye on Mia with all the groovy Cape Town yummy mummies around Deer Park.
  • At Deer Park a little girl asked: “Are your dogs friendly?”.. and a boy responded, “The ones at my mom’s house are”. Seems a large percentage of young children have the concept of mom’s house and dad’s house.. it’s the norm. Get with the program.
  • Sunday, gym, swim, Sinn’s icecream, Caffe Neo, Mouille Point playground.

See you at iWeek and the GeekDinner.

ps. Pics at the usual place.

Quick Update

..things I write which I kinda know only friends read. Yes, it’s a bit sad, especially when I assume they read these posts.. I skip the “how was your week” stuff in conversations and move along to the “what does it all mean” parts.

  • Monday, had lunch at Rhodes Memorial with Jonathan and visited the the Old Cape Town Zoo.
  • Turns out Mia had chickenpox over the weekend, at least the worst was over by Tuesday. She’s a tuffy.
  • Amobia’s touch rugby team, won 10 – 4 in the final.
  • Turns out I’m a hero (implicitly), maybe I’ll get myself a “single dad” tshirt.
  • Tuesday, Lions Head. Put on my (mildly gay) long running tights and went for a run along the table mountain cable car road. Had sushi. Watched Get Smart. Nice movie, had a few good laughs.. man, Anne Hathaway is hot.
  • Wednesday, Frogfoot office move.
  • The VANS self provisioning case was heard in court 29th-31st.
  • Watched The Dark Knight. I enjoyed it. It’s a bit more James Bond than Kung Fu like the the previous one was.. and the penthouse was a bit more American Psycho, but I still like Batman Returns. Inspired me to wear my Vivienne Westwood shirt the next day.
  • Thursday, Web Africa brand launch at Relish and GeekDinner at De Capo with Cath. Met an interesting tailor who made suits for a number of presidents. Now I know where Fabiani sent my jackets.
  • Met Charl and Jade at the GeekDinner. Big thanks to Perdeberg wines for their GeekDinner sponsorship.
  • Friday, blogging. Gym.. trust me, newby parents need strong lower backs to keep up with a 2yr olds. Mia. Tea with the ~ex-wife at Manna. We’re working on being friends. Like the Joker said in The Dark Knight.. I was “like a dog chasing a car.. wouldn’t know what to do with it if I finally caught it.”
  • Saturday, watched parts of Babe for the 14th time. Stellenbosch Wine Festival with Georg and Mia. Long, busy, crazy day. Bumped into Max.
  • I love Vanilla Tea and honey on a laid back Sunday morning.
  • Glen Beach for a bit of sunshine and a few photos. Maybe I’ll see you at Fandango for some jazz at 20:00.

Thought for the week..
“the real breakfast of champions is a low information diet”

WP CPT Meetup and GeekDinner

Turned out I was a bit too lazy to prepare two talks.. so I only gave a talk at the WordPress meetup and not the GeekDinner.

Here are my WordPress Security talk slides.

The WordPress meetup was fun. Way more people there than last time and I have a new tshirt.

The GeekDinner was cool, nice venue, tasty food and a good turnout of people for a rainy night it Cape Town. Thanks Mel, thanks Perdeberg.

I’ll put up some photos later.

The May GeekDinner and WordPress Meetup

Just returned from a brief meeting at Mel’s Village Kitchen.. which will be the venue for the next GeekDinner.

The eighth in the new series of original GeekDinners, aka Happy Habanero (in sync with Hardy Haron it seems), will be held on Wednesday the 28th of May 2008, at Mel’s Village Kitchen. Be there at 18:30 for 19:00. Sign up here. See you there.

Earlier that same day (16:00) you’ll find me at the Cape Town WordPress Meetup #3, at the Bandwidth Barn.

Two geeky gatherings in a row.

The minister is not wearing any clothes

At the end of last year I gave a presentation at *Camp about Telecommunications Licensing in South Afrca. At some point I talked about what I believe the intention of EC Act was and the potential of this new technology agnostic (horizontal) licensing model.

I talked about “letting the tiger out of the cage”.. by allowing any of the 500+ VANS licensees to build their own network infrastructure and introducing a new era of competition in the market. It’s easy to see why any (all) of the incumbent telecoms payers do not what this to happen.

More options and choices for consumers will result in better service levels. Empowering the smaller and more dynamic entrepreneurial VANS licensees will result in an open and adaptive market.

I’m going to skip the part about ICASA and the Department of Communication’s many failures.. we all know the story.

Something changed last week. With a bit of luck we’re about to get clarity on the rights of VANS to “self provide”. This is a key question for the ongoing license conversion process. For the last 3 years there have been disputes about the rights of VANS to build infrastructure. This lack of clarity worked well for the incumbent players (FUD tactics).

One can only guess why ICASA and the DoC were so content to maintain this state of uncertainty on such and important topic for so long.

The Wirless Access Providers Association (WAPA) and Amobia filed papers in the Witwatersrand High Court last week requesting a declaratory order to clarify the rights of VANS. If WAPA is successful, it will be clear that VANS may self provide and that they must be converted to have ECNS licenses.

WAPA becomes the first group to stand up and say: “the minister is not wearing any clothes”… as everybody suspected.

Read more on the WAPA website and find related stories in the WAPA press archive.

Quick Updates

It’s been a while.. let’s see what I’ve been busy with and give you some random news..

  • Wrote a press release for WAPA’s legal action.
  • The Amobia Joburg network is about to go live. The first Joburg ring is up. Just need to feed it some Internet access.
  • Been spending most of my time on the new Frogfoot Website. Very close to done. The blog part is looking good. Still writing some content.
  • I could not make it to the last GeekDinner, it was the same day as Mia’s birthday. But my name is on the list for the May GeekDinner. I’m happy to see that the GeekDinner movement is progressing well in it’s decentralised and democratised form.. with the help of a few pillars in the community, naturally.
  • A good friend (Dr. Strangelove), who lives in England now will be in Cape Town over the next few days. Let’s hope for some nice weather. I guess it’s time to say goodbye to the summer soon.
  • The Amobia Suicide Gorge walk was good fun. I put some pics up. One of the less fit people walked from about 9 AM to 9 PM. Hehe.
  • This weekend is the annual Amobia company weekend. Somewhere along the West Coast. Involves paint-ball and 4×4 driving tracks.
  • Mia and I went to World of Birds in Hout Bay last weekend. Nice place. We did Butterfly World the week before that. I’m kinda running out of weekend entertainment venues for 2yr olds.. please post some suggestions. Really, please.
  • Mia seems to like Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes.
  • Attended a Neotel metro-ethernet launch last week. All I can say is “pfffftt”. What lame presenters.
  • I’m thinking of doing a presentation about how Frogfoot is using WordPress as a CMS with some WordPress security tips at the next WPCTP meetup.

..back to editing Frogfoot website content again.

The story of the extra P

The MOPP opening night was fun. Lot’s of arty looking people. It’s interesting watching the reactions of complete strangers when they look at my pictures.

It’s sad how often people miss an opportunity to tell their story. At the last GeekDinner Callum asked me if Frogfoot would sponsor the hosting for MOPP.

Sounded like a good cause. I figured it was a bit strange to register for the project when I could just register it’s “month of photograhy” right? Seems I did not know the story.

Tonight I hooked up with some friends from Stellenbosch days. I was sitting in Royal eating my seared tuna burger with salad (for a second night in a row).. when Will told me the story behind the month of peoples photography.

Turns out there was a ‘month of photography’ for all the groovy brand name artists. But then a group of people figured.. hey, what about the rest of us?.. and created the ‘month of peoples photography’ which was open and served the people.

I love stories of revolution. “We’re just going to have to see about that”, “by the geeks for the geeks”, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

It’s a story that’s been going on for centuries. Open and free wins (Linux). Empowering people to share and contribute wins (Wikipedia). Collaborative efforts make people feel included and keen to engage. I think the GeekDinner movement is a story of revolution.

If you have story of revolution.. tell the story.

January GeekDinner

Here are my slides (PDF) from the talk did about GTD and Chandler at the GeekDinner last night.

I think the January GeekDinner was a great success. Nice food. Cosy venue. Good turnout of geeks.. maybe the first time we’ve filled all the seats in a restaurant, must have been close to 70 people there. Good talks.. short and to the point.

The only possible negative is that there were very few questions for the speakers after their talks, which makes things a little less interactive than I’d like. I guess the more technical topics prompt more questions and debate and the “softer” topics leave people with something to ponder on their own time.

Good work MC.

The March GeekDinner will be the 1yr anniversary of the new original GeekDinner movement. Go sign up early.

By the geeks for the geeks.

Busy Week

Quick updates from last week..

The first production batch of our FrogBlade casings arrived on Monday.

I attended the CLUG AGM on Tuesday. There was a cool talk about Linux desktop eye-candy and the traditional free beer and pizza. I was elected to the CLUG committee for 2008.

Wednesday evening was the GeekDinner and I attended a 4 hour WAPA PR Workshop on Thursday, though admittedly I was a bit slow that next morning.

The WAPA General Meeting was on Friday afternoon. I was elected to the committee for another year. I took a picture of the new spectrum analyser. There was a long discussion on the VANS license conversion process. More on this in another posting maybe.

Took a friend to the airport on Friday evening and visited the Franschhoek Champagne Festival on Saturday. It was fun. Maybe a little crowded with too little shade provided by the organisers, but fun.

Had a laid back Sunday sipping a drink I can’t really remember the name of at Fandango’s in Stellenbosch. Something between a Mojito and a Margarita. Crushed fresh lime with brown sugar, tequila, tripsec, and apple cider. Try it.

Pics are at the usual spot.

I think I’ll visit *Camp this weekend.

Next week is the Frogfoot and Amobia end of year spit-braai.

A round of quick updates

I just got back from my walk around Lions Head. A few quick updates from the life of Joe:

  • Sign up for the GeekDinner, Wed 28 Nov, 65 of the 80 seats are taken so far.
  • I’m going to the bubbly fest in Franschhoek with friends. Join us.
  • The voice of reason: “The best intranet is Mediawiki”
  • I updated my blog’s About page and added a link to my all new and groovy executive resume. Had to update it for the Amobia business plan.
  • Amobia now has a PR budget and we’re having a 4 hour messaging workshop with our PR agency on Wednesday morning. Sounds like fun. Amobia also hired a new sysadmin two weeks ago.
  • Actually old news, but the Frogfoot Xen product traffic cost has been reduced to 8c/MB incl VAT
  • We’re getting ready to release version 1.2 of the Frogfoot Hotspot product. It’s getting very slick and well automated, with nice reporting. Growth stats look really good. Looking at stats for the last 7/8 months (since the beta started): revenue grew 12 times in last 6 months, number of accounts grew about 6 times, number of hotspots grew 3 times. This is obviously a small timeline, but still nice to see the momentum building.
  • I’m on my way to a Teraco meeting now. We’re getting frequent and large scale enquiries about the datacentre project, locally and internationally.