Quick Update

Fasting for fun and fat loss…

  • Week of 17-23 July.
  • Fasting week. Jacques challenged me to a 10 day fast. Previous record was 6.5 days. So, I think I can eat again on 27 July. The plan is to lose 10kg of fat in four weeks.
  • Monday, fed the dog and cat and made some cinnamon bulletproof coffee, office, Vodacom meeting, coconut oil with ginger and green tea, extended sunset promenade walk with Heleen, 20k steps, ended up at the Waterfront and had some mint tea at Melissas, crazy happy dog greeting.
  • Tuesday, fasting day 2, gym, office, I cleaned my (external) keyboard – and then five of my keys stopped working – argh! – lunchtime walk, wrote a quick blog post about How To Get Lean, took Romeo for a walk on Camps Bay beach, wrote a blog post about Social Media Sanity.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, published a blog post about the gym – Virgin Active Muppets, Audi visit, office, lunchtime walk with Heleen, rainy afternoon, a mint tea at Beluga.
  • Interesting read: A tale of two beautiful women.
  • Future proof your body.
  • Thursday, fasting day 4, bulletproof coffee, office, lunchtime walk, evening swim at the Silo gym.
  • I wrote a post about Fasting for Fat Loss. If you are interested in some of the details of my current fasting routine.
  • My More Life Labs site looks a bit more pretty now.
  • Listen to The Future of Education.
  • I published a bunch of blog posts this week. Must be the ketones in by blood.
  • Friday, the cat woke me up, office, dropped a school bag off for Mia, catch up with Dirk and Dave in Stellenbosch, quick catch up with Jaco.
  • Saturday, 12k steps walk with Heleen and Romeo from Sea Point to Clifton and back, mint tea at Seattle Coffee co with Heleen and Romeo (who had water), nap, watched The Odyssey at the VIP Waterfront cinemas – very cool movie… note no self: watch the old Jacques Cousteau movies.
  • When fasting I seem to wake up feeling more rested, and my head seems clearer. I often wake up with some pretty good ideas.
  • Sunday, fasting day 7, Hout Bay beach walk with Heleen and Romeo, we picked up some trash on the beach (human WALL-E), Gardens Centre, epic nap, last day in the Bakoven house – it was a very cool three weeks – said goodbye to Romeo, sunset promenade walk, general Sunday night cat-typing and watched some Netflix documentaries.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Virgin Active Muppets

It’s time for a blog post about Virgin Active. I’ve been emailing them about these things, but they don’t seem to think this is useful feedback. So here are my thoughts about the Silo gym at the Waterfront.

I think…

  • The pool could be 25m long. What fool decided to make it shorter?
  • The sauna could work. It uses 100ml water / 3min. Keeping the sauna on for a day uses around 20 litres of water. This is less than a single shower. Don’t try and tell me they are trying to save water by switching the sauna off.
  • They could add an area where you can stretch – not just the grid area – gets busy and loud. In a place that big, how can there not be an area to stretch?
  • The changing rooms could be WAY bigger – must be the same genius designer that figured out their unique swimming pool length.
  • They could make the parking free if you go early in the morning when the parking area has almost no cars.
  • Internet: They might as well keep the wifi password the same for a few months. Nobody likes asking for their l33T hAX0r passwords all the time.
  • Wifi speeds at Silo gym: 4Mbps down, 2Mbps up. In 2017, with fibre in the area?
  • That Fortinet firewall / content filter is super lame.
  • Yeah, I know the internet at the other clubs is way worse. Stuck in 2004. You can’t even download the Uber app with the daily traffic allowance at most clubs. *facepalm*
  • I’m still mildly annoyed they don’t let kids visit this gym.
  • Add bulletproof coffee to the coffee shop menus. The Point used to have this. Not anymore.

There you have it. Things to be aware of when you ponder joining a Virgin Active gym.

“The fancy one.”


Social Media Sanity

Social media lost the plot around 2017 when Facebook and Instagram added stories.

Here is my quick guide to save you from this spiral of lame.

Social Media Complicator…

You should…

  • Remove all social media mobile apps from your phone. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Bonus: you will waste less time.
  • Post photos to Instagram with Flume for macOS.
  • Browse Instagram with Firefox and uBlock Origin ad blocker. They really went overboard with the ads.
  • Browse Facebook on the web only – or with a mobile web browser if you must. You kinda need this to find info about events. Use the Hide Post feature often to manage your feed.
  • Use the Pocket feature in Firefox and the Pocket app on your phone. Useful for catching up on reading and keeps you from ending up with a million open tabs.
  • Avoid Facebook Messenger. Delete the app now. It’s pure evil. Don’t send people Facebook messages unless you have no other option.
  • Avoid WhatsApp, use Telegram.
  • Avoid Twitter, it’s been dead for a while – only use (read) it when you go on a protest march or want to share the odd link to a blog post. Also, you should probably not trust Twitter after they shadow banned Scott Adams.
  • Which brings us to: host your own content! The day Facebook, Twitter and Gmail goes away you should be smiling, not crying.
  • Oh, and – unless you are a real chop, you are probably backing up all the content on your phone daily/weekly right?

Lastly, if you are going to be on these networks, at least post something interesting every week. Write, create, share. Too many time wasters and lurkers. Say something interesting! Share strong opinions.

More of my ideas on what tech you must use.

Previous posts in my Strong Opinions series.

How To Get Lean

A quick guide to losing body fat, easily and quickly.

TL;DR: Fasting and 2 hours of walking per day.

Green Tea and Coconut Oil

You can lose about 10kg of fat in four weeks. All you need to do is:

The maths: 7500 kcal per 1kg of body fat. 450 kcal per hour of walking. Aim for 3000 kcal per day, or 400g fat loss per day, or about 2.5kg fat loss per week. You’ll use about 1900 kcal per day by just being alive (depending on your lean muscle mass), so add about 1000 kcal with two hours of walking. In my experiments I can lose an average of 550g of fat per day while fasting.

Two 5-day fasts should do it. The rest of the time eat one super healthy paleo/keto meal per day.

If you get bored, have some green tea with coconut oil.

Fasting and walking. Simple. You can’t screw this up. Yes, I have tested it.

Read this for more detail: Fasting for Fat Loss

ps. I’m not a doctor, read the details of the fasting post above.

Previous posts in my Strong Opinions series.

Quick Update

Bakoven, Oudekraal and Thai Green Curry…

  • Week of 10 to 16 July.
  • Monday, made breakfast for Mia, Discovery shop to get Mia’s latest health stats, smoothies at One Juice, quick Heleen visit, dropped Mia off in Sea Point – she watched Forrest Gump, office, fetched Mia, took Mia to Jacques’ house and had a mid-week braai, night cap at Sotano with Heleen – chats about social media I think – I was mostly distracted by active wear, I was greeted by a super happy dog when I arrived back home.
  • Mia is now… 11yo, 163cm, 53.6kg, 23.1kg muscle.
  • Mia went for an Afrikaans learning day or two. Her latest Afrikaans marks are somewhat embarrassing.
  • I currently post around 1 photo per day to Instagram or FB, and I post 10 photos per week to my blog. I used to have this idea that I wanted to publish a million photos, but somehow my current rate of photo publishing seems enough.
  • I met Heleen for the first time, Tuesday, a year ago at Strolla.
  • Tuesday, office, dev meeting, windy afternoon, food and flowers shopping, cooked a roast leg of lamb and some veggies for Heleen with a nice Malbec, browsed some old photos and listened to classical music, time well spent.
  • I really missed fibre internet at home this week.
  • Wednesday, office, meeting at Knead, late lunch with Mia, Jacques and Charlotte, sunset promenade walk with Mia and Romeo, quick Heleen visit, roast leg of lamb eating round two, 12yo single malt with some contract editing while watching The Fast and the Furious 7 with Mia – rather moving ending.
  • Found this again, from around 2007, fun project.
  • Thursday, worked while Mia watched Stardust again, Georg took the dog for a 2h walk around Table Mountain, Gardens Centre ingredients shopping, I cooked my world famous Thai green curry for Heleen, Georg, Jacques, Matietjie, Charlotte and Mia, fun evening, time well spent.
  • Heleen has a new blog, so I added her as a friend on my blog. Not nerdy at all. I’m a little nervous she’s going to overtake me with the Truman Show blogging soon.
  • Friday, we had big plans to take the train to Simonstown, but Jacques woke up with a small cut in his eye so we ended up at Mediclinic, I took Mia, Charlotte and Romeo to Beta Beach – super low tide and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves – they played in the puddles and moved starfish around – I really love Bakoven, omelettes and fresh juices at Bootleggers (pretty much my birthday in reverse), nap, a sunset walk and swim around Oudekraal beach with Mia, Charlotte and Romeo, pizza night with Jacques and Marietjie, we watched 21 – good movie, I drove Jacques to the Sea Point BP to fuel his nicotine habit, in bed fairly early, photo processing.
  • Saturday, grapefruit, watched The Pink Panther (recent version), braai at Dirk’s house with a Polish Vodka tasting – good fun – I tried to get Mia to watch Dr Strangelove, very rainy drive back to Cape Town, Mia and I watched a part of Ant Man – not bad.
  • If you have an Apple Watch, install Pedometer++ so you can see your daily step count on a watch face.
  • Sunday, up fairly early, reading, compiled a list of blogging notes, brunch with Mia at Bootleggers in Bakoven – end of my holiday time with her – it’s been a fun two weeks, Naulene fetched Mia, 3 hour epic nap, a glass of wine at La Vie with Heleen and friends, my backup toothbrush ran out of battery power so I went home and had a chat with Wouter, supper at Aris Souvlaki with Heleen, the usual super happy dog greeting, photo processing.
  • Tune of the week: Plainsong – The Cure – Disintegration

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Pro dog walker, house sitter and podcast listener…

Glen Beach 3 July
  • Week of 3-9 July.
  • Birthday week. Holiday week with Mia. Cooked a few roasts.
  • Monday, I made Mia some tea, breakfast and vitamins, Mia watched MIB2, backups, protein flapjacks, walked to gym, swim, Green Point Park walk, sunset Glen Beach and Camps Bay walk with Mia and Heleen, supper at Col’caccios with a nice Tokara Chardonnay, house sitting in Bakoven.
  • I’ve discovered some limitations with my Truman Show blogging.
  • Tuesday, my birthday, chilled morning, Mia watched Titan AE, omelette at Bootleggers in Bakoven with Mia, a walk around Beta Beach, spent some time just lying on our backs on the big Bakoven rock in the winter sun, Little Beta Beach visit, Mia and I had our hair cut at Wim Coiffeur – birthday haircut – always a good idea – Mia enjoyed it, took Romeo for a walk (the dog) – 2x up and down Camps Bay beach, some birthday bubbly with Heleen and Paul, birthday dinner at Hussar Camps Bay with Georg, Paul, Mia and Heleen, epic wines, cake (which Heleen baked) and Talisker, awesome evening, thank you, time well spent.
  • “Feeling sleepy, full of wine. Fall in bed, just in time.” — The Lightning Seeds – Perfect.

  • “Author Chuck Palahniuk first came up with the idea for the novel after being beaten up on a camping trip when he complained to some nearby campers about the noise of their radio. When he returned to work, he was fascinated to find that nobody would mention or acknowledge his injuries, instead saying such commonplace things as “How was your weekend?” Palahniuk concluded that the reason people reacted this way was because if they asked him what had happened, a degree of personal interaction would be necessary, and his workmates simply didn’t care enough to connect with him on a personal level. It was his fascination with this societal ‘blocking’ which became the foundation for the novel.”

  • We’re making pretty good progress with Mia’s geeky movies education project.
  • Wednesday, took a day off (and offline), cake for breakfast, watched The Devil Wears Prada with Mia, coffee with Paul, photo processing and caught up on some Pocket reading, nap, Mia watched Mimic, we took the dog for a walk on Llandudno beach – nice sunset, food shopping in Hout Bay, I cooked a roast chicken for Mia and Heleen, last of the cake for dessert, time well spent.
  • “Jesus in jou hart en Jordan Peterson in jou ore.” — Jacques

  • Thursday, we made a new Octotel app live – ISP portal, breakfast with Mia, I sent Paul a Pocket Casts app for his birthday, worked a bit in Sea Point, introduced Mia to Sababa lunches, catch up with Dan, quick catch up with Heleen, a smoothie at gym with Mia, food shopping in Camps Bay – I’m getting into this cooking thing, walked the dog around the neighbourhood, photo processing, epic sunset with some pink bubbly, I cooked a lamb and veggie roast for Mia and Georg, Talisker and dark chocolate.
  • “Truth peddling is dangerous business.” — Jacques

  • I’ve rediscovered Hacker News. Trouble. Thanks Johann.
  • Friday, I made breakfast for Mia, the dog and the cat while Mia watched Short Circuit, Hout Bay beach walk with Mia and the dog, early fish and calamari supper at Dunes (dog friendly), watched a bit of the last Terminator movie, Paul’s birthday dinner at Yuzu – Kloof Street – nice chats with Philippa – I introduced her to Jordan Peterson.
  • Saturday, WordPress site tinkering while watching Beverly Hills Cop 2, Camps Bay shopping, I cooked a chicken and veggies roast for Mia and Heleen, lazy day, we watched The Big Short – very good.
  • I keep thinking: there is no such thing as free will. Everybody is just a function of their nature and brain chemistry. Moist robots trying to understand their code.
  • “The truth is like poetry – and most people fucking hate poetry.” – Overheard in a Washington D.C. bar by Michael Lewis, author of The Big Short.

  • 20 ways to turn your life into a Wes Anderson movie. No 5 is funny.
  • Sunday, rainy morning, braai at Jacques’ – we took Romeo along to play with Jacques’ dogs – which worked well – he was nice and tired later that evening, Jacques gave me a chilli plant, watched Ghostbusters (2016) with Mia, in bed early, babies don’t sleep this well.
  • Since it was my 40th birthday this week, I’ve been working on a list of notes for a blog post, some life wisdom kinda things: Advice I would give my 30yo self. Should be out soon.
  • The album of the week should probably be by James Blunt – because the car we drive the dog around with only has one CD in it, but…
  • Tune of the week: The Lightning Seeds – Perfect

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Winter and hibernating…

Sea Point
  • Week of 26 June to 2 July.
  • Health week, getting back to gym.
  • Monday, school run – listening to Wow in the World podcast with Mia – not bad, gym, office, bit of a debate about my recent blog post on geeklist, sunset promenade catch-up walk with Nick – bumped into Heleen, La Vie dinner with Georg and Heleen.
  • Derek Sivers on parenting.
  • My loss.
  • Tuesday, office, dev meeting, promenade walk with Heleen, gym, swim, Myog with Michael, sunset promenade walk, did some reading about Docker and Moby Project.
  • “Work ethic, taste, integrity, curiosity.”

  • How to Pick Your Life Partner – Part 2.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, Heleen visit, office, supplement shopping, Museum night at the Waterfront and a visit to the underwater photography exhibition with Kirsty, Moules Marinieres and a Rustenberg Bordeaux red at Den Anker, fun evening.
  • Thursday, did some reading about Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake blockchains, office, catch up tea at Blue Cafe with Michel, nap, dinner and Evita Bezuidenhout show at the Theatre On The Bay with Georg and Heleen – good show, very funny.
  • With no power
  • Stating the obvious, but you really want to position yourself to benefit from technology improvements. Lots of people don’t.
  • Friday, office, dev meeting, fetched Mia – start of the school holidays, the usual biltong shopping, pizza and red wine at Piza e Vino with Dirk and Dave, sunset promenade walk with Mia.
  • There is no such thing as free will.
  • Saturday, matcha flapjacks at gym, squats, swim with Mia, epic lunch and some Glen Carlou Charonnay at the Camps Bay Retreat with Mia, Georg and Kirsty, Glen Beach walk with Mia, La Vie with Jonathan – chats about blockchains and antenna designs.
  • Sunday, up fairly early, tinkered with a WordPress site, brunch with Mia, Wouter and Zander at Clark’s – good value, good vibe, rainy promenade walk with Mia, watched Despicable Me 3 3D at the Waterfront with Mia and Heleen, a visit to Dennis and Hugo’s house, early supper at Melissa’s / Mantra Cafe in Camps Bay – good food, watched Jack the Giant Slayer with Mia – not bad, watched more Full House, time well spent.
  • “Let the bad times roll.” — Despicable Me 3

  • Tune of the week: Fleetwood Mac – Seven Wonders

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

I’ve been blogging more, not sure why…

Waterfront Sunset
  • Week of 19-25 June.
  • Monday, office, cold and rainy day, promenade walk with Kirsty, wrote a blog post about why you must listen to podcasts, sunset promenade walk, pizza special at La Vie with Paul.
  • “Ideas are always at war.” — JP, listen to the 2nd Joe Rogan interview with Jordan Peterson.

  • After listening to Joe Rogan I just want to do yoga.
  • Joe Rogan gets 120mil downloads/m. Wow.
  • Tuesday, podcast walk to the office, Sababa lunch, played with Django admin-interface themes, sunset walk home, some reading and researched an FRR topic.
  • “You can’t be a good person until you understand your capacity for evil. The morality comes when you are a monster and you can control it.” — JP

  • Love how Sivers talks about designing and building your own little world. Makes it fun.
  • Creativity is the most important thing. No adventure is. No…
  • Quick reminder than we are / have been living in the best time in history.
  • Wednesday, office, MWEB meeting, put on my Hugo Boss corduroy jacket (for the professor look) and took an Uber ride to the Old Mutual Trophy Wines Masterclass presented by Michael Fridjhon on the 28th floor of the Portside building – rad venue, fun evening with Paul, Hanno and Danielle, cool tasting, loved the Verdelho, time well spent.
  • “Don’t be late please.” — Paul, about the wine function. Very amusing.

  • Winter solstice. Hello summer.
  • The Shackles of Marriage.
  • Thursday, office, catch up with Dave at Knead, upgraded seven WordPress installs to 4.8, catch up with Warwick and Giles in Obs, researched CI tools – GitLab seems cool, DevOps meetup at 22 Seven’s office – interesting talk involving SaltStack, phone chat with Mia.
  • I think I’m turning into a NetDevOps nerd… or, maybe just rediscovering my nerdiness.
  • Funny how quickly your life can go from lots of driving every day – to pretty much not using your car.
  • Friday, office, dev meeting, fetched Mia, afternoon and pizza making at Dirk’s, 11h sleep.
  • Saturday, watched Get Me Roger Stone, Mia watched Man of Steel, great breakfast and a backgammon game at CaffeNeo, a walk around Green Point Park, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge at the Waterfront – entertaining, gelato, sunset walk along the Waterfront shoreline, dinner at Tashas, we watched Zoolander – Mia loved it, time well spent.
  • Lazy: responding to SMS messages by typing a note which syncs to your phone and then cut-and-pasting it.
  • Sunday, watched some Supergirl on Netflix (a bit like The Devil Wears Prada meets Spiderman), Mia finished a 3D puzzle a few times, wrote a blog post about why you must use 24h time, Hout Bay Market with Mia, a walk around the harbour, gelato, Glen Beach and a walk around Camps Bay beach, sunset promenade walk, we watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off again while I wrote a blog post related to a chat I had with Mia earlier in the day about why universal basic income is not such a great idea, time well spent.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Universal Basic Income Is Not The Answer

What do we do when automation systems and robots make the mundane jobs redundant?

We could teach people new skills and let them find other jobs. This might negatively impact people who are already in these jobs. New skills might work for a small percentage of people.

We could ask some people to assist the robots and manage them. That could keep some people working.

The popular answer seems to be: Universal Basic Income.

Many countries probably can’t afford universal basic income, but let’s look past that for a moment.

The cost of living will probably go down a lot in the next twenty years as things get much more efficient. Producing food, transport, housing can all be done much better by machines. We could tax the profits made from the labour of the bots.

The idea with universal basic income is that governments give everybody some money to cover the costs of food and shelter. If there is no need for boring and mundane jobs people will be free to enjoy their lives and be creative. Write novels, make art, make movies, write music etc.

I’d like to think this is true, but I don’t see it working out this way.

Trouble is, only about 5% of people are creative and ingenuitive… and this 5% will probably not be replaced by the bots in the near future.

What are we going to do with all the people that currently drive cars and trucks for a living? It’s a fairly big problem, I think.

Xbox, endless social media feed scrolling, virtual reality and pain killers.

Not ideal. Any better ideas?

Universal Basic Income is not the answer.

Living in big cities without something to do and keep us busy is going to be a mess… unless you like the idea of a mashup of Wall-E and The Matrix.

Let’s try distributed living. Smaller communities. Small towns. Off-grid, sustainable, solar, clean-tech, long distance fibre optics, aquaponics etc. Something to build and do. Get farming again.

We don’t need cities anymore.

ps. I’d really like to see government taken over by machines. Humans don’t have the best track record with running countries. Give the bots a chance.

UPDATE 26 July 2017:

I think a number of people mis-read this post thinking that I’m against giving (poor) people money to pay for their basic needs. I don’t have a big problem with this.

My point with this post was to explore: what will be our reason to get out of bed in the morning when robots do most of the work? What will fulfil us in a useful and productive way? In short: purpose.

My latest answer is:

  • Off grid living in smaller communities, connected with high speed fibre.
  • Modern farming: aquaponics, aeroponics etc.
  • Educating our children. A society of educational abundance.
  • Educating ourselves. Long term continuous learning.

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Afrikaans Spell Check for macOS and iOS

How to add Afrikaans spell checking and dictionaries to macOS 10.12…

I use Telegram Desktop a fair bit and it bugged me that Afrikaans spell checking was missing. Here is my current solution. I’m not sure it’s 100% tip-top, but it’s much better than it was.


Download these, unzip and copy into ~/Library/Dictionaries.

Open Dictionary.app, look in Preferences, enable the new dictionaries and move them into the order you want them.

Spell Check

Download en_af_ZA.zip, unzip, copy to ~/Library/Spelling. I found this on the translate.org.za site a few years back.

Settings > Keyboard > Text > Spelling drop down

Scroll down to “Set Up…” and enable Afrikaans.

Now set that drop down to Automatic by Language.


Just install SwiftKey app and enable Afrikaans.

Now, if only Telegram Desktop (Qt on macOS) would support spell checking. Until then, I’ll just have use the macOS Telegram app.

Use 24h Time

Use 24 hour time when you write something. Set all your devices to 24 hour time. Yes, your watch too. Life is too short to decode confusing messages.

09:00 or 21:00, not 9.

How do you even start explaining the Six-hour clock?

Bonus points:

Set all your servers to UTC. Especially if you have servers in more than one timezone.

Previous posts in my Strong Opinions series.

Quick Update

Wrath of the Kahns, Debian 9 and three rounds of Van Hunks…

Sunset Walk
  • Week of 12-18 June.
  • Health week 1/3, kinda.
  • Monday, school run, photo processing with some senior citizens in the Spur, gym with a Taylor Swift soundtrack (after Mia loaded it on my phone), podcast drive to the office – Wrath of the Kahns, League of Emotionally Unavailable Gentlemen late lunch at Sundoo with Paul, bumped into somebody I met at Wolfkop, aimless sunset walk past Clifton with an Alt-J soundtrack, dinner at Georg’s house.
  • I bugged Telegram to add a feature so I can not receive voice notes. No response.
  • Notes from the Kahns series… Stir things up. Cause some creative destruction.
  • “The truth burns off dead wood.” — JP

  • “I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species. I wanted to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all those French beaches I’d never see. I wanted to breathe smoke. I felt like destroying something beautiful.” — Fight Club

  • Tuesday, office, lunchtime podcast walk, stayed in the office till pretty late, dinner with Wouter and Shaun, did some VPP reading.
  • Calm is a superpower.
  • “Remember that we are not descended from fearful men – not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular.” — Edward R. Murrow

  • Wednesday, up early, cat typing at Silo gym, swim, office, played with Docker for Mac, dinner at Dennis and Hugo’s house with Georg – looks like I’m going to house-sit for a while.
  • So yeah, for the next week or so, I might be one of those people that can’t stop talking about Docker.
  • The Terrors of Being Loved.
  • Thursday, office, dev meeting, catch up with Fred and Caley, Myog, sunset promenade walk, dinner with Wouter, listened to some Rachmaninov and Brahms by the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra at the Cape Town City Hall with Georg and Al, Van Hunks with Georg and Tanya – memories of talking to Ryan about creating something from nothing – zero to one.
  • I finished listening to The Wrath of the Kahns series, 8hours+ epic history lesson, very good.
  • Friday, public holiday, felt sorry for myself for about an hour, drove to Stellenboch, nice catch up with JM, late afternoon Chardonnay drinking and dinner at Dirk’s, Van Hunks round two with Georg, in bed early.
  • I’ve been happily nerding away on a project over the last two weeks. Nice to learn and design interesting things.
  • Saturday, happy Debian release day!, reading and tinkering with an old Macbook Pro, Van Hunks round three, watched the rugby – good game, fun evening with Georg, Al, Diabi, Pierre, Stefan and Hilah, ended up at Pierre’s place, time well spent.
  • I have an old mid-2009 Macbook Pro which can’t be upgraded to macOS 10.12, so I figured I’d install Debian 9 on it and check out Wayland. I’ve also been keen to play with KVM.
  • This makes me happy: Debian 9 Released.
  • To celebrate the Stretch release, we have more than 45 parties in 25 different countries. Debian 9 Stretch is dedicated to the project’s founder Ian Murdock, who passed away. The Debian project started in 1993. At least 1436 people contributed to Debian in 2017. It comes with over 51,000 packages… how cool is it that about 1000 people can build something this rad!
  • “This is not 99pi. I am Roman Mars.”

  • Sunday, Hussar Camps Bay lunch with Georg, installed Debian 9 on a Macbook Pro and played with Wayland and Sway, wrote a blog post about getting Debian running on a Macbook Pro.
  • I figured I should start a blog category for technical posts: Muppet Labs.
  • Tune of the week: Elton John – Tiny Dancer. Yeah.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.