Quick Update

Cricket, Kirstenbosch and Dvorak…

  • Week of 6-12 Feb.
  • Health week 1/3, mostly.
  • Monday, school run while listening to a health podcast, worked at the Spur and had some eggs, gym, podcast drive to the office, catch up chat with Joseph at Shift Espresso Bar, back to the office, supper at La Vie with Wouter to return his SSD and fetch my copy of Tools of Titans – Wouter’s review of Littlegig was rather amusing, podcast drive to Stellenbosch.
  • “The best way to complain is to make things.” — James Murphy

  • “The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.” — Warren G. Bennis

  • Enjoying the Apple Watch. I logged 70k steps this week.
  • Tuesday, backups – for the first time in too long, podcast drive to the office, watched the SA vs Sri Lanka cricket in Newlands with Al, Tom, Thys and Ter – good fun, thanks Al! – my first live cricket event, after dark promenade walk with Heleen – I thought I made a pretty compelling argument for breaking up with her, but she was having none of that.
  • When do you get to that point where enough is enough?” — from The Mexican

  • Wednesday, woke up in Sea Point, swim, 99percentinvisible podcast walk, office, supplement shopping, found some Resveratrol, smoothie walk with Heleen, watched Mia’s athletics – she came 4th in the 1200m, some notes processing between watching events, took my 200mm lens and played photographer, sunset supper at Giovanni’s at Eikendal with Mia – good meal.
  • “The city is a thing of the past.”

  • You know you are a podcast nerd when you see notification of new 99pi show and your day is made.
  • Mia tells me her school is starting to teach her touch typing… but, they don’t want to let her learn Dvorak. Hmm. I emailed the head master. Let’s see.
  • Thursday, school run, catch up chat with JD – he has an interesting business idea, gym, podcast drive to Cape Town, Sababa lunch with Heleen, tried to help Zane with some advice at Knead, after work podcast promenade walk, dinner at Taverna Mykonos with Heleen followed by a very tasty tiramisu at Posticino.
  • Who wears these skinny cut trousers? I tried to get into a pair at Woolworths. Pfft.
  • Seems I managed to convince Mia’s school to let her learn Dvorak.
  • “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” — John D. Rockefeller

  • “Make good art. Have big goals.”

  • “Love is the warmest colour.” — Alt-J

  • Friday, swim, office, dev meeting, dentist visit – always nice to get a clean and polish, late lunch at Melissa’s in Stellenbosch with Heleen and worked a bit – ladies of leisure style, Balboa, drove to Jonkershoek – nice drive, dinner at Wijnhuis with Heleen.
  • Octotel has around 300 live apartment buildings now.
  • Saturday, breakfast at Ya Ya with Heleen, epic 3 hour nap, gym, swim, phone chat with Mia, pizza dinner with Heleen at the Stellenbosch Col’caccios.
  • Sunday, I had the best intentions to go swim the Bridge House Mile, but they closed the entries the day before the race, so I chilled around the house, took a nap, swim, steam bath, cold showers, drove to Paul’s house, we met up with Hanno for some picnic shopping, watched Dan Patlansky at Kirstenbosch with Paul, Hanno, Heleen, Philippa, Matt, Jacques and Marietjie – good fun – Jacques played with the portrait mode of his new iPhone7 Plus – seems to work well, that vanilla mascarpone and fig snack was amazing – time well spent.
  • Tune of the week: Alt-J – The Gospel of John Hurt.
  • …and, we’re up to date with the weekly posts again. Phew.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

I moved to Stellenbosch, again…

Sea Point Promenade
  • Week of 30 January to 5 February.
  • Health week 0: warm-up week. No alcohol, carbs, coffee or dairy.
  • PSA: I’m living in Stellenbosch again. I’m taking a three year view on being closer to Mia’s school. Life has been a bit disorganised the last few years. I blame Paul Carr.
  • Monday, woke up in Stellenbosch, podcast drive to Cape Town, office, lunch with Paul and Heleen, sunset promenade walk with Paul, very tasty Mexican food at El Burro.
  • I spent a week living in De Zalze. Very cool. Thanks Al.
  • Tuesday, podcast drive to an MWEB meeting, office, smoothie with Heleen, moved all my stuff from storage to Stellenbosch, sunset walk through the vineyards watching some small planes come to land at the Stellenbosch airstrip.
  • Moving is stressful.
  • Install the True Caller app. Works really well for avoiding spam calls.
  • I’ve been having a bit of a Twitter chat with Discovery about moving their Sea Point BIA machine. No joy.
  • Wednesday, some more packing, lunch with Heleen at the Woodstock Exchange, office – stayed late, Waterfront, healthy supper at Tasha’s, podcast drive to Stellenbosch.
  • My podcast listening app, Pocket Casts, says I’ve listened to 3 days and 23 hours of podcasts since 10 October.
  • I listened to around 30 podcasts this week, but skipped through a few, backlog was getting a bit much.
  • Good read: “Meditation, intermittent fasting, heavy compound joint and hip-hinge training, intense interval training, body work, supplements, drugs, introspection, sleep, hygiene. These are my hacks.” — How you move defines how you live

  • Thursday, woke up in the new apartment, paleo breakfast for lunch at W Cafe, my first BIA machine visit in Stellenbosch, car wash while processing a few notes and photos – car really needed it after Wolfkop and Up The Creek, gym, swim, took a sunset podcast walk around Stellenbosch.
  • Pillow app is pretty cool for sleep tracking on the Apple Watch. I also tracked Mia’s sleep. Interesting stats.
  • Good listen: Packet Pushers: Future Of Networking – Geoff Huston Returns
  • Friday, up at 4:45, podcast drive to Cape Town, gym, swim, steam bath, cold shower, scrambled eggs at New Port with Heleen, office, dev meeting, BIA machine visit, fetched Mia, watched Mia do long jump at some athletics thing – super boring, gelato with Mia, swim, the kind people at Thule Stellenbosch replaced my laptop and phone covers, almost had ribs at Flame and Ash (not sure about the name), but walked out because the music was terrible and some muppets outside insisted on smoking, very tasty dinner at Manouche with Mia and Al, nice catch-up with Al.
  • Mia started piano lessons this week.
  • Georg is off to South America for a holiday soon. Well, he was, and then he stayed, it seems. And then he changed his mind again, and he’s going.
  • Saturday, did some general house unpacking with Mia, paleo ice cream from Cold Gold for breakfast, Slow Food Market Stellenbosch – mostly navigated coffin dodgers and bumped into Wynand and Maia, attempted to get a new bank card for Mia, but the bank closed at 11AM?, we shopped gifts for my mom and Jacques – I’m trying to get Jacques to stop buying prepper gear and get into something useful – like camping, Root44 market with Paul – bubbly and cover-band tunes, Peter Falke wine tasting, I figured out how to buy electricity – joy, watched Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children with Mia – she seems to really like that movie.
  • I’ve trained her well, but she can’t handle the 99% dark chocolate.
  • Sunday, watched Mia’s nippers training and walked up and down the beach a few times, family braai at Jacques’, sunset walk up to the chain bridge in Stellenbosch with Mia, love that walk, time well spent.
  • Please don’t send me voice notes in messaging apps.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

The call to adventure part two: Up the Creek, mud and moar lilos…

Road Trip
  • Week of 23-29 January.
  • Monday, woke up near Citrusdal, road trip to Stellenbosch with Paul, dumped some camping gear in storage, office, briefly saw Heleen (she was not in the best mood), helped Paul jump start his car at the Mount Nelson, dinner with Cath, Francois, Heinrich and Andrea at The Blue Cafe (previously The Daily Deli) – nice food.
  • “The more voluntary suffering you build into your life, the less involuntary suffering will affect your life.” — Tim Ferriss

  • Tuesday, woke up in Tamboerskloof, office, some contract editing, smoothie and a lunchtime walk with Heleen, phone chat with Mia, drove to Stellenbosch and had a beer with Al at Trumpet Tree, Balboa.
  • Wednesday, woke up in Stellenbosch, office, Octotel automation systems meeting, smoothie walk with Heleen, more contract editing, haircut at Wim Coiffeur, pizza with Nick and Georg at Col’caccios – good pizza – somehow Georg talked me into going to Up The Creek – with Nick and Michel’s tickets – after Nick hurt his knee and some other unlucky events, phone chat with Mia, podcast drive to Stellenbosch, 12h sleep.
  • Thursday, worked in Stellenbosch for a while – and started wrapping my head around this Up The Creek business, work, took my Apple watch for a first swim, watched Mia’s swimming training, early supper at W Cafe, a beer at Stellenbosch Square, sunset podcast walk around the De Zalze vineyards, photo processing, in bed early.
  • Calm is a superpower.
  • Friday, up at 5:00, podcast drive to Cape Town, Heleen made pancakes, office, fetched Georg, road trip to Swellendam, rainy and wet Up The Creek Friday night adventure, lots of barefoot muddy puddle navigation.
  • Saturday, glamping breakfast, swim, lilos on the river, chilled afternoon, listened to a few good acts, Jack Parrow was good fun.
  • “Relax, nothing is under control.”

  • Sunday, glamping breakfast, listened to a pretty cool jazz act, packed up, dropped Georg off in Rooiels, back to Stellenbosch, a beer with Al and Paul at Stellenbosch Kitchen, Balboa, watched the end of Gladiator, time well spent.
  • Up the Creek was good fun, thanks Georg!
  • “Al says he’s not in the mood for Trumpet.” – “Waaait, come again?” — Paul

  • Mia’s nippers competition results: Beach Sprint 3rd, Board Race 7th, Surf Swim 4th.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

The call to adventure part one: Wolfchops, lilos and abductions…

  • Week of 16-22 January.
  • Dear blog, sorry I’ve been neglecting you, this post is at least four weeks late. I had about 150 notes to process. I seem to stop publishing blog posts when I’m stressed and uncertain about things. Don’t stress, I’ll catch up on the four missing posts in the next few days.
  • Monday, woke up at the Houw Hoek Hotel, school run – arrived just in time, swim, coffee with Heleen, office, Waterfront, found an Apple Watch Series 2 – space grey, dinner at Kushi with Georg and Heleen.
  • I did some Vitality Apple watch research via Twitter this week. Let’s just say I was very happy to close the Twitter app again after I got what I was looking for. So long Twitter.
  • Feels like the holiday season is finally over now.
  • “Productivity is for machines. If you can measure it, robots should do it. Humans excel at wasting time, experimenting, playing, creating, and exploring. None of these fare well under the scrutiny of productivity.” — Kevin Kelly

  • Tuesday, office, configured my Apple Watch, strategy meeting to work out what I should be focusing on this year – I see some software dev, mountain biking and more dad-mode in my future, pastrami, pickles and slaw at Kleinsky’s, found some running shoes – Discovery shoes deal – I’m a sucker for this health gamification thing, tapas at Mezepoli in Camps Bay with Georg and Cath… epic weather, beautiful sunset, time well spent.
  • Wednesday, office, automation systems meeting, Sababa lunch with Heleen, had a Bloed Lemoen G&T at Strolla while writing a blog post about a Watch, sold my Wolfkop ticket / last minute Ned Flanders thing, sorry Paul.
  • I’m very happy with my New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 shoes. So long Nike.
  • My notes on the Discovery Apple Watch deal.
  • Mia’s inter-house athletics results: 1st with long jump, 2nd with shotput and high jump. 1st with 1200m run. 2nd with the 100m sprint. She also won a trophy for best athlete in her grade: Junior Victrix Ludorum.
  • Mia won all her inter-house swimming events. Channelling some Rushmore.
  • “How I wish I could relive the whole thing.” — Phil Knight, about building Nike

  • Be a mentor.
  • Create the world you want to live in.
  • Thursday, should have gone to a Secret Sunrise event – but ended up just going for a promenade walk with Heleen, office, ISP contract meeting, dentist, Sababa lunch with Heleen, my first Shawarma Express dinner, Heleen broke up with me.
  • “The joy of less. Edit your life.”

  • I feel like I’m behind with a lot of podcasts. Like 80+ backlog.
  • Memeburn article: Is Vitality’s Apple Watch deal worth it? Cape Town blogger finds out.
  • Friday, office, Octotel connected its 1000th customer, Camphill milk shopping, found some snacks for Mia, watched Mia’s inter-house athletics and played photographer, found a Wolfkop ticket again (since I was single at this point in time) – thanks Anja!, bought a lilo, a cooler bag and some board shorts, found a big batch of flowers for Heleen.
  • I’ve kinda been without a home since October, not homeless, but feeling like a tourist, stoic experiment maybe. Travelling light.
  • Saturday, road trip to Citrusdal with Tom, Wolfkop adventure with Wouter, Nelia, Graham, Philippa, Claus, Janey, Michael, Nicole and Paul, epic party, one big heaving nest of lilos on the river, good music and great weather, lots of swimming and lilo chilling, Paul was missing all day, I took a nap in his tent late afternoon – a sure way to find him, he kinda managed to get himself abducted to a nearby farm the previous night, in bed fairly early, time well spent – really awesome outdoor event, must go again.
  • “Paul has two settings: Liza Minnelli or Weekend at Bernie’s.” — Claus

  • “Skinny, with issues.” — Paul, about my type.

  • Sunday, chilled day next to the river with Paul, Lyal, Joel and Wouter, Lima had some good stories about her Thailand snorkling adventures, evening adventures around the camping village with Paul, bumped into Luke and Abbey, memories of rolling down a grassy hill once or twice with Paul, in bed early again, time well spent.
  • Feb Health Sprint starting soon.
  • Tune of the week: The Smashing Pumpkins : Landslide.
  • I later worked out that whole breakup thing was a misunderstanding.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Vitality Apple Watch Deal: Yes or No?

Should you take the Vitality Apple Watch deal… yes, no, maybe?

Yeah, maybe, but don’t expect to save more than 40% of the cost of the device, unless you love doing long cardio sessions three times a week, religiously… e.v.e.r.y..w.e.e.k.

The Longer Answer…

After a bit of research I now have a Apple Watch Series 2 on the Vitality benefit deal.

The Dark Art Of Goal Calculations

At first I was worried that the weekly goals calculation was not public knowledge. Nobody I asked seem to know how it was calculated and how it escalated. Some interesting comments on the Facebook question I posted. A few unhappy people. I’ve heard stories of people starting out at 400 point per week goals and then quickly ending up at 900 points per week goals. This sounded unfair. I’m still not happy that the algorithm is a black box.

Cardio x3

It seems you just have to assume you will get to a 900 points per week goal very soon if you reach a few weekly goals. The only way to keep getting to the 900 points per week goal is if you do three 30min cardio sessions per week.

Cycling for 30min is probably easy. Running or swimming for 30min is harder. I don’t like running. It’s all about keeping your heart rate elevated for 30min x3 per week.

Is cardio really that good for you? Who knows. I find it very boring. Lots of people think the long boring cardio which Discovery has in mind is lame and a waste of time. I tend to agree. Discovery still thinks eating lots of fruit and carbs is good for you. Muppets.

My Advice: It’s Fine To FAIL

I’m most certainly not going to get to a 900 point target, 4 weeks in a row, for 24 months in a row. That’s a joke actually. I like gym and walking and swimming and cycling as much as the next optimistic watch wearer, but let’s be real, it’s just not going to happen.

Try this…

  • Reach as many targets as possible in the first calendar month after you get the watch, while the weekly goals are lower.
  • Then, try and get to 4 weekly goals in a row on every 3rd calendar month, which kinda fits in with my views on health: The Mindful Hedonist’s Health Guide.
  • The rest of the time, either get to two weekly goals in a month or ZERO.
  • Make peace with the idea that you’ll pay about R290/month on months you are lazy or life gets in the way.

With the above strategy I figure I can get around 9 months for free, and 15 months at 25% discount.

Which works out to around R4500 for a R7500 device. Not bad. Whatever you do, just don’t think you’ll get the thing for free.

But if you own this marvellous modern lifestyle accessory, you can…

  • Swim with the Series 2, yes kids, this one is waterproof
  • Finally say goodbye to your (probably super annoying) phone ringtone
  • Unlock your Mac with your watch
  • Draw and send dick-pics
  • and with bit of luck, be a bit more motivated and incentivised to be healthy

Can’t hurt.

Update 6 March 2017: The 900 points goal is actually not very hard to reach. Get your 100 points per day 6 days of the week with a gym visit or 10k steps, and once a week do a indoor cycle with 80% HR for 30+ min. I try and do some interval training in the cycle to make it less boring. Also, get two+ team members to get more free smoothies.

Quick Update

It’s good to have you with us, even if it’s just for the day…

Sea Point Walk
  • Week of 9-15 January.
  • Monday, first day back at the office, lots of random little bits of admin and email scrubbing, a late lunch at Giovanni’s with Paul, a fairly long and somewhat windy promenade walk with Paul, watched the 2nd half of About Time with Heleen – love that movie.
  • “The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind. The kind that blindsides you at 4 p.m. on some idle Tuesday.” — from About Time

  • Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen
  • New year resolution – more software dev, think global.
  • Tuesday, office, smoothie with Heleen, set out to find some photos of the last 10 years of suicide gorge walks for a blog post, took a long aimless walk around Sea Point – the area I don’t usually see – phone chat with Paul – felt like a tourist having a good flaneuring walk around a holiday town – nice weather, started phoning Heleen every 10 minutes because she went for a run up Table Mountain and it was already dark, found some Chinese food and a beer, mild panic, she finally phoned back – almost had a sea and mountain rescue in the same week.
  • I wrote a post about 10 Years of Suicide Gorge hikes.
  • Wednesday, office, catch up chat with Michael, a smoothie with Heleen – I took her a somewhat late (and nerdy) xmas gift, misty sunset promenade walk with Heleen (see above), made a salad, we watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower – very cool movie – seems we were both wallflowers, cool scene driving through the bridge.
  • Belief is irresistible.
  • “We accept the love we think we deserve.” — The Perks of Being a Wallflower

  • Memory journeys.
  • Thursday, office, salad with Heleen, had plans to go to First Fizzday in Stellenbosch but just went for a promenade walk and fetched my hoodie from Wouter’s house, made banana bread with Heleen – well, I watched her bake.
  • Friday, banana bread for breakfast, office, coffee with Heleen, fetched Mia, found some biltong, clothes shopping for Mia, almost got an Apple Watch Series 2 – but they only had a white model, drove to Stellenbosch and viewed an apartment, a drink at Trumpet Tree for Al’s birthday – we bumped into Anjela, a swim and a steam bath with Mia, Hussar burger, a walk around inner Stellenbosch.
  • “Daai girl lyk nie soos trou materiaal nie.” — Heleen’s comment on a photo of Paul’s date.

  • “What’s for you will not pass you by.” — Moloko.

  • Saturday, breakfast at Eendracht Hotel, I read the Eikestad Nuus while Mia had a jacuzzi bath, shopping outing – mostly to get a present or two for Al – Mia really loves the Typo shop, swim, steam bath, cold shower, Al’s birthday braai with Mia, Heleen, Margot, Eleonora and Corlia at De Zalze, swims and great filet steak and a very nice Uva Mira red – thanks Al, Mia insisted on an evening dark chocolate run.
  • Happy birthday, Al!
  • Sunday, breakfast at the De Zalze clubhouse with Al and Mia, a more nippy than usual nippers – windy – but, not sure why I buy the wetsuits – Mia never wears them, road trip to Elgin with a Sam’s Town / Killers soundtrack, ribs at The Hickory Shack with slaw and Texas toast, Houw Hoek Hotel, nap, late afternoon walk with Mia, she found a small boat and navigated a pond with lots of water lilies, watched the end of the last Matrix movie – which was very confusing for Mia – who is this Neo guy and why can he use “The Force”?, calamari and Ataraxia Pinot, I think we might have been the only people in the hotel, last minute mission to get a school uniform washed and ironed, time well spent.
  • What kind of music do you usually have here? – “We got both kinds, we got country and western.” — about the music at The Hickory Shack

  • Killers. My soundtrack for life it seems.
  • I have not been wearing a watch since November. Kinda makes me less worried about time I think.
  • Tune of the week: Why do I keep counting – The Killers

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

10 Years of Suicide Gorge

I did my first Suicide Gorge hike in 2006 and I recently did my 10th hike in 2016, so to celebrate I figured I’d go dig up some old photos and share them.

Suicide Gorge is an epic adventure. Probably the best, and most fun, day-outing around Cape Town. Very beautiful. I’m very happy, and somewhat surprised, that in all our hikes nobody got hurt.

It’s become a bit of a yearly institution. Thanks Anton!

I could only find photos for 8 of the hikes – the earlier ones were before convenient waterproof cameras. Here you go…

#1 2006 February 19th

This was the first one. Good fun, but we managed to get a bit lost early on.

#2 2007’ish

Can’t find photos for this one, but I think it involved Anton getting his bakkie keys wet, getting a lift to Stellenbosch and then going all the way back to fetch the bakkie after dark.

#3 2008 January’ish

I can only find a blog post about this one.

#4 2008 March 29th

Team Amobia

This was one of the longer hikes with the Amobia guys. I had to leave a bit early, but they only left after dark.

#5 2008 December 16th

Tour Guide

At some point people randomly contacted me after they found a blog post about the hike, so I agreed to play tour guide and take some of my friends along.

#6 2009 January 24th

Parking Area

Not sure who organised this one.

#7 2010 December 12th


This was the only one where people turned back after starting the jumps.

#8 2012 December 21st

Zen frog

This was Frans’ first one.

#9 2014 November 22nd

ERnst Bachelors
Bottom of the kloof

Great fun for a pre-bachelor party hike, if you can keep your eyes open later.

#10 2016


Number 10, probably the quickest finish of the lot.

Quick Update

Dry needling and a sea rescue…

Pringle Bay
  • Week of 2-8 January. Last week of the holidays.
  • Monday, extended beach walk with Mia and Charlotte, made omelettes with the girls, sea swims, browsed the sad world of DStv – 400 channels of lame, more sea swims, braai, we all took a walk to the beach to go see the green fluorescent bacteria in the shallow water and on the sand.
  • Tuesday, notes and photo processing, watched Jupiter Rising – not bad, a walk around the Harold Porter Gardens, hake and calamari at the Kleinmond Harbour, nap, watched Tomorrowland – pretty good, braai – great braai broodjies.
  • “WWIJD: What would Indiana Jones do?” — Jacques, on relationship advice.

  • “Designed to find dreamers.” — Tomorrowland

  • Wednesday, managed to publish a blog post with Edge internet speeds, afternoon swim and rugby ball kicking into the waves while the girls and the dogs fetched the balls, braai – moar great braai broodjies, thanks Georg!
  • Thursday, packed up and left Pringle Bay – so long holiday house – it was an awesome few days, a quick car wash, lunch at Jacques’, a salad at La Vie with Heleen.
  • What is the opposite of AfrikaBurn? Must be a cruise ship holiday. ERnst is missing the burn it seems.
  • Friday, swim, quick catch up with Heleen at Strolla, my first dry needling session at Sparc, a beer with Georg at Van Hunks, VitB shot, a beer with Paul at Up Yours – after waiting about 90 minutes – being bored is good right?, some wine on the lawn at Nadia and Micah’s house in Sea Point, Posticino pizza.
  • The dry needling worked really well for my neck – a delayed xmas gift from me to me.
  • Saturday, a swim at Clifton 1st with Jacques – his new favourite beach for the dogs, fetched Heleen after her morning run, Granger Bay OZCF market, a salad at Hemelhuijs and an interesting cucumber juice and gin cocktail, The Creamery, nap, Clifton 3rd with Heleen, Nick, Michel and Nadia, minor sea rescue emergency involving a SUP and inflatables, curry and coconut naan at Kushi in Sea Point with Heleen, watched a bit of Snowden, time well spent.
  • Do you think the girls are okay? … “Yeah, the best thing about these Afrikaans girls is that they can look after themselves.” — Nick, around about the time the three girls were being rescued by the Clifton lifeguards because they were being blown deep into the ocean by a strong wind.

  • I’ve been using Mutt for about 20 years now… the email client.
  • Sunday, built some Lego with Heleen, we did an awesome little hike from the top of Fresnaye around the sea side of Lions Head, Matcha lattes and brunch at The Charles Cafe in De Waterkant with Heleen, nap, photo processing and backups, a swim and a Campari on Little Beta Beach with Heleen and Roxy, Posticino pizza, watched the first half of About Time again.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Pringle Bay and my 10th Suicide Gorge adventure…

Pringle Bay
  • Week of 26 December to 1 January. First post of 2017.
  • Monday, Jacques made his special Spanish omelette dish, listened to some Wham!, chocolate and wine pairing at Durbanville Hills with Mia, Charlotte, Georg, Marietjie and Jacques, epic nap, Spur burgers and Dom Pedros.
  • Willpower is not enough.
  • Jacques gained 20kg in one year, after getting married. Impressive.
  • Jacques’ chocolate Labrador is very cute… Nesquik.
  • I’ve been hanging out with Walter from The Big Lebowski. He keeps saying he wants to buy me a Desert Eagle. I keep saying I think “Natural Selection” beats “Selective Breeding” when it comes to dogs. The 3rd World Dog is a super hero.
  • “Sy blog is ‘n favourite met die aliens wat in-tap op ons internet.” — Jacques, about my blog.

  • “I’m going to need at least three of those Barbie sized wines.” — Paul, about air travel and wine and rough mornings.

  • Tuesday, Cape Town day with Georg, Van Hunks with Al and Elsa, pancake night at Jacques’.
  • Wednesday, watched a bit of Zootopia again – great movie, shopping with Jacques – found some new hiking shoes and a hat, drove to Pringle Bay, a beer with Anton, sunset beach walk.
  • Spent a lot of time on a deck of a beach house this week, looking out over the sea. Pringle Bay is cool. I think it was good for Mia to just be a child for a while – no school or sport pressures.
  • “Niemand kan meer as Joe slaap nie.” — Jacques

  • Thursday, up at 5:00, my 10th Suicide Gorge walk, fetched Anton in Bettys, started walking at around 8:00 with Anton, Tom, Matt, Alex and Anton’s cousins, epic day – but I forgot to take a camera, we finished in record time – turns out I still fit in a wetsuit I bought 10 years ago, one of our quicker hikes 8:00-15:00, a springbok pie and a cider at Peregrine Farm Stall – a post-hike tradition, a beer at De Wetsbaai, braai in Pringle, watched some of Batman Begins with Mia, time well spent.
  • My first Suicide Gorge hike was in 2006. Thanks for organising then, Anton! Note to self: write a blog post about ten yours of Suicide Gorge adventures soon.
  • Friday, beach outing and body surfing with Mia till mid-day, wine tour around the Elgin valley with Mia and Georg – Iona, Oneiric and Graham Fox, Kleinmond watermelon shopping, sunset beach walk with Mia – chats about why boredom is good, braai, drinks with Madeleine, Diane and Albrecht.
  • My cocktail of Magnesium, Colagen and Glutamine seems to work well for being stiff after a long day of hiking and kloofing.
  • Pro tip: avoid iMessage in areas with bad GSM signal.
  • Saturday, last day of 2016, lazy day, vodka tonics on the deck with Georg, nap, extended late afternoon swims with the kids, NYE crayfish braai with Rossouw, Elise, Marius, Georg, Jacques, Marietjie, Niel, Charlotte and Mia – Neil Diamond soundtrack and watermelon, I somehow did not make it to 0:00, 11h sleep.
  • iTunes killed the mix tape.
  • RIP Leia.
  • Sunday, super chilled day, had some Charles Fox MCC to celebrate the new year, photo processing with an Above and Beyond soundtrack and Chardonnay with Georg, listened to some Stevie Nicks, nap, Georg made a roast leg of lamb.
  • Have a super 2017!

Happy new year, crazy kids.

Quick Update

White Russians and windswept side-boob…

  • Week of 19-25 December. Holiday mode.
  • Monday, woke up in Cape Town, said goodbye to Heleen for two weeks (off on a desert adventure), lunch at Jacques’, just in time hot water springs booking, epic nap, braai, 10h sleep.
  • It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks. Good fun.
  • Tuesday, woke up at Jacques’ house, blogging, road trip to Montagu with Mia – RHCP and chats about “hell yeah!” moments over the last few weeks – I managed to list five – Mia could think of two, MCC tasting at Graham Beck – I really liked the Brut Zero, breakfast for lunch in Montagu, some bulk biltong buying at the local butcher, Avalon Springs, epic nap, phone chat with Heleen, swim and super tube ride, minor drama with a bee stinging Mia – in her mouth – after hiding in her virgin frozen pina colada, pizza in Montagu, evening swims in the hot water spring pools with mocktails and White Russians and Lebowski colour bath robes, time well spent.
  • Avalon Springs reminds me of the desert casino in Intacto… that luck movie.
  • “I may be lucky, but it’s not an accident.” — Chris Sacca

  • Crossfit and yoga – the modern religions.
  • Top risks leading to death – and why smoking is a bad idea.
  • Wednesday, hotel breakfast buffet, swims and super tube rides, back and neck massage while Mia had a manicure, epic nap, Skype chats with Heleen and Georg, more evening hot water spring swims with White Russians and bath robes.
  • Pro tip: you should probably not go for lame hotel massages after getting used to deep tissue Thai massages.
  • “Once you know the rules well enough, you can break them.” — Mia, no idea where she gets this from.

  • Thursday, up early – lots of driving, road trip to Cape Town with Mia with a Moloko soundtrack – chats about Kubrick movies and how MCC is made – we had to phone Paul to check some facts, fetched a repaired surf/kloofing wetsuit from Coral Wetsuits – found this old Stellenbosch underwater hockey photo on their pinboard, fetched my weight belt, a swim with Mia at Waterstone VA, smoothies, dropped Mia off at her mom’s house for xmas, bought a new shirt and a cap for L&L, drove to Stellenbosch, Skype chat with Heleen, soaked up the views from the lawn at Paul’s house, early xmas “blow out” bearnaise steak dinner at Hussar Grill with some great La Motte red – thanks Paul, Balboa.
  • “She’s unlucky in love.” — Paul in Balboa, I don’t remember who he was talking about.

  • Friday, watched Only God Forgives – interesting, rainy and windy day – David Bowie and Brut Zero, I somehow managed to convince Paul to do a last minute stoic adventure to our ~9th Love and Light party, it’s become a bit of a summer institution, rainy, but great fun, cool people, sadly I lost a favourite green hoodie in an Uber, time well spent.
  • “Siri, search closest windswept side-boob party.” — Paul

  • “Do you remember that Denzel Washington movie with the submarine? – Yeah, which one?” — Uber ride on the way to L&L.

  • Saturday, Zen Dog day, mostly chilled on the lawn with some Leonard Cohen and Cat Stevens, epic nap, watched the end of Neon Demon – yeah, it’s pretty whack, Skype chat with Heleen, watched Sunshine – good movie – thanks Wouter.
  • RIP Bowie, Cohen, Brubeck, George Michael.
  • Sunday, fetched Mia, drove to Pringle Bay, awesome weather, xmas braai with Jacques, Marietjie, Georg, Elise, Rossouw and Marius – major crayfish braaiing operation – I managed to eat one crayfish (allergy thing – maybe I just had too much in my student days), Mia and Charlotte discovered a quad-bike, sunset drive back to Cape Town, 12h sleep, time well spent.
  • “It is better, in the long run,
    to never get there,
    and let the journey decide.” — Moloko

  • Tune of the week: The Only Ones – Moloko

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

The unexamined life is not worth living…

  • Week of 12 to 18 December. Winding down the year.
  • Monday, office, wetsuit fitting, fetched Mia’s wetsuit, lunch at The Kichen in Woodstock, PO Box visit and renewal, beach walk, took my laptop to the beach and process some notes, epic sunset and some Springfield Chardonnay, watched The Neon Demon with Heleen… odd movie.
  • Last week’s post was a bit odd (read: lame). It was pretty much about Campari and reading articles about relationships. Must have been stress about moving and making changes. Oh well, only the mediocre are always at their best.
  • “Let me remind the reader that I am only an experimenter. Do not set the least value on what I do, or the least discredit on what I do not, as if I pretended to settle anything as true or false. I unsettle all things. No facts are to me sacred; none are profane; I simply experiment, an endless seeker with no past.” — The Creative Value of Unproductive Time, and the Power of Not Knowing

  • “You are reorganising your brain when you write, autobiographically.”

  • Tuesday, early beach walk with Heleen – she had a swim (see below), office, lunchtime swim, vegetarian xmas dinner at Chris’ house with Heleen – chats about our mutual crush on Roman Mars from 99% Invisible with Haley over some Famous Grouse Smoky Black and a George Michael Christmas soundtrack.
  • “Being anti-capitalist, while on my iPhone, while flying.”

  • Wednesday, Octotel strategy day in Noordhoek, lunch at Cafe Roux, Georg’s Clifton pad finally got fibre internet – 4Mbps – double irony.
  • Thursday, Heleen brought me some coffee, I moved house – backups and laundry and packing, dumped some stuff in storage, fetched an old surf suit for repair – for Suicide Gorge, fetched my new open water swimming wetsuit, introduced Heleen to deep tissue Thai massages and the famous burger in a bowl – beer with Nick, watched Intacto.
  • Mia was very happy to discover the LLAP emoticon emoji in iOS.
  • Taste, curiosity, work ethic, integrity. I keep pondering this. Makes so much sense.
  • Friday, my first open water swim, with Heleen, at Clifton 3rd – Freedom Swim Series – 1.6km, 11degC water temp… I managed to finish in 24min – the first 200 meters were insanely cold, Heleen won her race, a celebratory beer with Heleen, fetched Mia, dinner at De Cameron – I introduced Mia to beef carpaccio, ended an epic day with some tiramisu.
  • “When you can write well, you can think well.” — Ma.tt

  • Saturday, up early, photo and notes processing – a few gaps in my notes – distracted I guess, epic breakfast with Mia at Coopmanhuijs… she opted for her usual berries and french toast, we found Mia a nice summers dress, a swim and steam bath at the Stellenbosch VA with Mia, lunch at Muratie with Jacques, Marietjie, Charlotte and Mia – good Chardonnay and nice desert wine, Jacques showed me his house cleaning iRobot, Mia and Charlotte played Lego Star Wars on the Xbox, we walked the dogs.
  • Sunday, up early, 3SOMS Clifton 4th beach swim with Mia, she came first in the ~500m open water swim – I was 2nd… her support crew, Heleen came 2nd in her race (1900m), figured out I’m not very good at SUPing – yet, Clifton 1st with Jacques and his dogs, Mia and I went smoothie and ginger shot shopping, we watched Star Wars Rogue One in 3D IMAX – perfect sound: 2/3rds to the back in the middle of the cinema, braai at Jacques’ with Heleen – some watermelon hacking, time well spent.
  • Turns out we went to the same high school, she plays squash, she likes diving for crayfish, and she’s very good with cutting up watermelons.
  • I’m excited about the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie… “there are two types of beings in the universe, those who dance, and those who do not.”
  • I added the Jordan Peterson and Josh Waitzkin episodes to my Favourite Podcast Episodes list.
  • After the Jordan Peterson podcast I’ve been pondering… the hell of chaos vs the hell of order and living in the middle of the Yin and Yang. Dogma vs spirituality and how they need each other. HT to Wouter for pointing me at this episode.
  • This week’s little matrix of photos has captions.
  • Tune of the week: Wham! – Last Christmas

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

To a universe we choose…

Clifton 1st
  • Week of 5 to 11 December.
  • Monday, woke up in Elgin, school run, installed Headspace for kids for Mia, notes and photo processing, drove to Cape Town, WebEx meeting, lunch at La Vie with Heleen, Myog, a few hours of We Learn Nothing audio book listening – great book.
  • “Second nature is very hard to teach.”

  • “The essence of creativity is fucking around.” — Tim Kreider

  • “I’ve demonstrated an impressive resilience in the face of valuable life lessons, and the main thing I seem to have learned from this one is that I am capable of learning nothing from almost any experience, no matter how profound.” — Tim Kreider, We Learn Nothing

  • “Most of what we do doesn’t matter. I am not busy. I am the laziest ambitious person I know. The goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play. My role in life is to be a bad influence. Life is too short to be busy.” — Lazy, a Manifesto

  • Tuesday, Headspace, office, catch-up chat with Johann, smoothie with Heleen, swim, Heavy Chef with Heleen, Villa 47 and a nice bottle of Kevin Arnold Shiraz.
  • The Heavy Chef chat reminded me of watching Alt-J at Daisies 2013.
  • Found this again: Amor Fati, Thomas Edison’s Formula for Greatness
  • Wednesday, shrek tea, gym with Ian, office, epic nap, sunset podcast beach walk, sudden urge to listen to Alt-J, watched Citizenfour… good movie.
  • Seems she is ISFP.
  • MBTI notes:
    Favorite world: Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I*)
    Information: Sensing (S) or Intuition (N*)
    Decisions: Thinking (T*) or Feeling (F)
    Structure: Judging (J) or Perceiving (P*)
  • Mission to make people smile. Create useful things.
  • Thursday, 15min Headspace meditation, 1km swim and Tea in the (Green Point) Park with Heleen, office, watched more of Citizenfour.
  • As Jacques liked to say, the ultimate company: no investors, no employees and no customers.
  • Lesson learnt: breakups are great for your health, dating and infatuation – not so much.
  • Memories of Amazon Cape Town in 2005 days.
  • Friday, rainy day, 15min Headspace meditation, swim, cold showers and j-curls in the steam bath, office, breakfast for lunch with Heleen, manicure, a drink with Paul at Village Idiot, a beer with Carel at the Bitx year-end party, a beer with Paul at the Cartel Rooftop bar – some other year-end party, Village Idiot again for some Don Julio tequila… very smooth, tasty Greek food at Mykonos Taverna with Heleen, an 18yo Jameson at Harveys.
  • “What the f… happened to you?” — Paul, from a story about bicycles, hot water springs, first-name basis with medics and relationships.

  • Found this again: Why We Fall in Love
  • Saturday, breakfast for lunch at the Granger Bay market with Heleen and Paul, a cold weiss beer in the warm sun at Den Anker with Heleen and Paul, Clifton 1st with Heleen, Michel & Michelle, Roxy and Robyn, and some Campari, time well spent.
  • Why Our Partners Drive Us Mad
  • Sometimes you just have to hang out with somebody that’s nothing like the previous people you’ve dated.
  • Try mixing blood orange San Pellegrino with Campari, and a bit of T10, and a squeeze of lime.
  • For some reason I thought about this book again: Casspirs en Campari’s
  • Sunday, early beach walk, breakfast at Camps Bay Retreat with Heleen, nap, some (stoic) Ataraxia Chardonnay with Wouter at La Vie, a picnic at the Arno Carstens show at De Waal Park with Heleen, Wouter, Zander and Roxy – fun afternoon.
  • “There are a surprising number of people walking around which are totally bananas.” — Wouter

  • All the Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Need
  • Ataraxia is an untroubled and tranquil condition of the soul. Stoicism often made use of the term, as they too sought mental tranquillity and saw ataraxia as highly valuable. In Stoicism, however, ataraxia is not an end to be pursued for its own sake, but is rather a natural consequence that occurs in a person who pursues virtue.
  • “I know.” — Han Solo

  • Tune of the week: Another Universe

Have a fun week, crazy kids.