Bio of Joe Botha | Cape Town, South Africa

The short and sweet version.

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Joe Botha (32).

Alpha geek, maverick, imagineer, blogger, speaker and all round hacker for good. He is a start-up junkie and an old dog of telecoms and open source.

Joe studied Industrial Engineering and Computer Science at Stellenbosch University. He worked as developer and senior systems engineer for and

Joe is a founder of Frogfoot Networks (Internet Service Provider), Amobia Communications (Wireless Infrastructure Provider), Teraco Data Environments (Vendor Neutral Datacentres) and is busy building a new business called TrustFabric.

On the NPO front Joe founded the new original GeekDinner movement, he is the chair of the Wireless Access Providers' Association, he helped start the Open Spectrum Alliance, he chaired the ISPA PR working group in 2009 and he's been a Western Cape Linux User Group committee member since forever.

His passions include: technology, photography, social media, guerilla networking, lifestyle design, decentralisation and democratisation.

He likes walks on Lions Head, running, Linux, tea, cocktails, design and taking his gorgeous 3.5 year old daughter swimming.

Joe strives to be a high impact entrepreneur and is always looking for the next big idea.

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