Curriculum Vitae : 2000

Johannes Lodewicus Botha (Johann)

Residential Address:

153 Banhoek Road


South Africa

Postal Address:

153 Banhoek Road



South Africa

Tel :

+27 21 887 6559 (Home)

Personal Information

Identity No: 770704 5009 084

Date of Birth 4 July 1977

Age: 22

Marital status: Single

Nationality: South African

Vehicle License 08

Place of Birth: Pretoria

Health Excellent

Criminal Offences None

Language Proficiency

English Speak / Read / Write

Afrikaans Speak / Read / Write

Summary of Qualifications

Matric: Menlo Park High School 1991-1995


Higher Grade - Afrikaans Medium


1. Afrikaans C

2. English B

3. Mathematics C

4. Applied Mathematics C

5. Science B

6. Computer Science A

7. Accounting C

Awards Received

Academic Colours 1991 to 1995

Swimming Colours 1991 to 1995

Supervisor of School Novell Netware Lan - 1995

Tertiary Education

Received a bursary from Iscor Mining and SA Airforce to study B.Ing Engineering. Chose to take the Iscor bursary and study in Stellenbosch.

B.Ing Industrial Engineering Stellenbosch University 1996 to 1998

Languages and Tools: Visual Basic, Excel, Qbasic, Autocad

Advanced Excel Applications using VBScript and Visual Basic.

Parallel and Serial low level communication programming in Qbasic.

Mechanical Design and Engineering Drawing using Autocad.

B.Sc Computer Science Stellenbosch University 1999

Languages and Tools: Oberon, Matlab

Object Orientated Programming Design in Oberon.

Numerical Analysis and Iterative techniques in Matlab.

Graphic Design with Corel Draw.

University of Stellenbosch Residence Huis Marais: 1996

Sport Representitive

Swimming Team

University of Stellenbosch Underwater Club

Secretary 1997/1998

Maties Underwater Hockey 1st team 1996-1999

University of Stellenbosch Wine Culture Society Committee member

Organizer of the Wine of the Month Club


Professional Education

Iscor Mining Bursary Training 1996, 1997

Ellisras Grootegeluk Coal Mine

MS Excel Financial Analysis and Logistics Modeling.

Industrial Process Monitoring and Production Environment Modeling Applications.

VB Enterprise Programming - Mark Greene 1998

Spartan Kempton Park 2 Week Course

Advanced Design

Creating Classes

Data Access DAO, RDO, ADO, ODBC, SQL

Microsoft SQL Server

ActiveX Client, Servers, Documents and Controls

Internet, ASP, DHTML, VBScript, Visual Basic

Component Object Model, DCOM, Corba

Professional Experience

South African Department of Land Affairs - 1997

Pretoria : Part Time

Languages and Tools:

HTML, JavaScript, MS Frontpage, MS Photo Editor

Design, implementation and management of Department Web Site.

Platforms include Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows NT and Novell Netware.

Administration of Sun Microsystems Sparcstation 5 Server.

User Administration and Support in a Novell Netware Environment.

Chet Chemicals (Now a division of CHET INDUSTRIES)

June 1998 to February 1999

Spartan, Kempton Park - Full Time Contract


Visual Basic, VBscript, MS Access, SQL


Management and implementation of technical aspects of the Computer Department. Administration of HP-Unix Server, NT Servers, NT LAN, DHCP, WINS, NT Terminal Server, Citrix Winframe, MS SQL Server, Print Servers, Win95 Clients, NT Workstation Clients.

Hardware and Software Support duties including Installation and Setup of NT4 Server, MS SQL Server.

WAN experience:

System Administration of Company Wide Area Network connecting four remote sites using, 3Com Routers, X21 Telkom NTUs and 64k Diginet Leased Lines. Implementation of a leased line Uptime monitor system on a Linux server.

Experience in a High Availability SCSI RAID and UPS Server room environment.

Cross Platform Resource Sharing:

SAMBA, NT/Win 9x File and Printer Sharing using a Linux server in a NT Server PDC environment.

Business Application Programming:

Proof of Delivery Document Scanning System for Achiving on CDR media.

Design of a document scanning and archiving system across a NT LAN.

Label Printing Solution.

Implementation of a SQL database driven Label Printing System to aid automation of Debtors Department


Bill of Material Cost Rollup.

Data mining executive information application developed using MS Excel and VBScript to aid Accounting staff in a period of business system data migration.

Edata Trading Solutions (now known as Entelligence)

December 1999 to date.

Stellenbosch: Perminant position

Unix Administrator, Systems Engineer, Web Developer and DBA.


Perl, PHP, Universe Basic, pSygn


Support and Administration of computer systems.

Administration of Web servers, DNS, Proxy, Firewall, Mail on Linux and OpenBSD. - bind, squid, ipf, ipchains, exim, sendmail, apache-ssl

Network design, planning and monitoring.

SNMP network monitoring.

Network Time Protocol Server.

Installation and Support of Universe RDBMS.

Multicast routing, Streaming Media, Realserver on Linux and Solaris.

High Availability / Hot-Standby Clustering Study for the E*TRADE Africa Project.

Experience with Cisco Local Director.

E*Trade Project:

Most of my experience at Edata was as a result of the E*Trade Africa Project, an online equity trading system. This includes experience of JSE Information systems, Database Design and High Availability Web Infrastructure.

Security and Authentication:

OpenBSD / Linux Firewalls

Network Security Auditing

NAT routing,

Prevention of DoS, TCP/UDP spoofing attacks

pgp/gpg, PKI systems

SSH1/2, Kerberos, SSL/https



Solaris v7,v8 on Sparc Ultra 10 and i386 Platforms.

Universe RDBMS on Solaris

pSygn, Apache, mod_perl on Solaris

WAN skills:

Diginet and Dual Analog Leased Line Administration.

BGP routing

Subnet Migration


Universe RDBMS on NT/linux/Solaris

Daily Share Equity Dissemination

Tricle Feed Dissemination

SENS (JSE news service)




xml, dhtml, javascript, css, cgi - PHP/PostgreSQL Admin Pages

Web-based Chat system for

Web-based free email system for

Web-based email user registration system.

Web-based free email system for

General Programming:

c, make, perl (sysadmin), CVS

email to SMS Gateway with Perl and Exim Mail Filters


Built and supported x86 based servers for E*TRADE Africa project.

SCSI RAID, Hardware SSL Accelrators

Sun Microsystems Sparc Architecture

Linux Touchscreen Kiosk Project : Jan 2000

Stellenbosch : Freelance Contracting

Developed and Built a Touchscreen Information Kiosk for a Hardware store to display invertory and price comparisons. The touchscreen interfaced with a Pastel accounting backend for stock info and pricing.


Two Touchscreens connected to a:

Debian GNU/Linux Server running Apache, PHP, MySQL, MetroX


JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Bash

Informal / Personal Experience

DOS and Windows 3 1988 to 1995

Languages and OSs: Basic, Pascal, Novell Netware, OS/2

Knowledge and use of the following Applications and Packages:

Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw

Linux, Open Source Software Movement 1995 to 2000

Languages: C, Bash, Perl, PHP, sed, awk, ksh

Interest in Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD as a hobby and chance to learn the Unix Systems Philosophy.

Founding Member of the Stellenbosch Linux User Group.

Linux: Debian, Red Hat, Open Linux, Corel Linux, Slackware

*BSD: FreeBSD, OpenBSD

Network Setup, Hubs, Switches, Routers and Cabling, UPS

Modems, Dial-up and Leased line Setup

IP Traffic Accounting

Mailing Lists: Majordomo

Network X-Window system: xdm

Novell IPX Linux integration: Mars-nwe

Graphics : The Gimp

Typing Skills: 35 Words per Minute

Other Interests and Hobbies

Advanced NAUI SCUBA Diver

Mountain Biking

Underwater Hockey

Spear Fishing


Ham Radio: Amateur since March 1999, Packet radio, tcp/ip over ax25


Professional References:

Janse Papenfus (Contractor at Chet Chemicals)

Tel: +27 12 6650558 Home

Tel: +27 082 6654624 Mobile / Work

email: papenfus [@] mweb [.] co [.] za

Herbert Schroder (Contractor at Chet Chemicals)

Tel: +27 9912082 Home

Tel: +27 083 4474929 Mobile / Work

email: performance [@] mweb [.] co [.] za

Personality and Character Reference:

Dr. Noleen van Wyk

Department of Educational Studies


Tel: +27 12 429 4346 Work

email: vwykjn [@] alpha [.] unisa [.] ac [.] za