Executive Resume of: Joe Botha


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Johann (32) has a wide range of experience in the ICT industry. He is a motivated and independent thinker with strong analytical, design and problem solving skills. He has been involved in the ICT industry since the age of 18 and has a successful ten year business track record.

He is a co-founder of three companies:
Frogfoot Networks (Pty) Ltd. (Internet Service Provider),
Amobia Communications (Pty) Ltd. (Wireless Infrastructure Provider),
Teraco Data Environments (Pty) Ltd. (Vendor Neutral Datacentres).

Johann studied Industrial Engineering and Computer Science and Stellenbosch University. He enjoys managing complexity, product design and the challenge of creating innovative products. He has a passion for disruptive technologies such as Wifi, VoIP, Linux, Blogging and the Internet.

He has extensive experience in systems development and architecture design that include roles such as Senior Developer for Independent Online (www.iol.co.za). He has worked as Senior Systems Engineer for Amazon.com with experience in managing large scale server deployments.

Johann has an avid interest in social media. He has experience in PR, marketing strategy and being a spokesperson for the companies and projects he is involved with.

He was a part-time Linux lecturer and is actively involved in community projects and social entrepreneurship. He is a chairman of the Wireless Access Provider Association (www.wapa.org.za), serves on the management committee of the Internet Service Providers Association (www.ispa.org.za) and the committee of the Western Cape Linux User Group (www.clug.org.za). He has helped initiate projects such as The GeekDinner (www.geekdinner.org.za) and SchoolWAN (www.schoolwan.org.za).

To relax he takes photos, enjoys hiking and spends time with Mia, his 3 year old daughter.

Johann is a capitalist, but also an altruist and strives to be a high impact entrepreneur.