Brands are a hobby of mine. I like to analyse brands, how they influence us, how we relate to them, the power they have. I have a good collection of books on branding on my bookshelf, three by Al Reis, a nice read if you get the chance..

Nobody comes close to Nike. They wrote the book. They created their own world. People tattoo the Nike logo on themselves.

The really good brands are first in a category and they own a simple word in the mind of the customer. My little list of attributes of good brands:

My Brand List
Some brands and logos that popped out of my head.
Year Brand Logo Desc Status Word
1996 Entropy img Infotainment Website Failed  
1999 Vino img An Ecommerce Company for the Wine Industry Failed / Dormant  
2000 Fireblue lost :-( IT Consulting Company Failed  
2000 Blio img Embedded Systems Company Alive "practical" or "managed"
2000 Frogfoot img Internet Service Provider Alive attention to detail
2001 Hub img Peering Point Dormant guerrilla networking
2001 Netphibious img Ecommerce Company Dormant  
2003 MetaMera img Food Industry Company Dead  
2003 Amobia img Internet Service Provider Alive access
2004 Clug, Just the new Logo (actually, Naulene did a sketch of my idea, then I created the vector version) img Cape Linux User Group Alive
My personal homepage
Alive swim
2007 Schools Network Alive WAN
2007 Teraco Data Environments,
I think Matt came up with the name I added the "data environments" part.
Vendor Neutral DCs.
2009 TrustFabric img
VRM network
Alive Trust
2012 GUST Pay img
Mobile and wearable payments
2015 Octotel img
Open Access Fibre to the Home

Action without a name, without a "who" attached to it, is meaning less. -- Hannah Arendt

With the strongest brands, the CEO owns the brand. It must be owned by someone, the higher in the company the better. -- Shelly Lazarus

I think it's quite clear that in the information age, the brand is what you compete on. -- Andrew Niel

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