Me Me Me and Me

Will the real Joe Botha please stand up.

Lets start with a thousand words.. no, wait, a picture. I don't think you need a thousand words to convey the information in this photo, maybe I should get a more interesting one.. but there are many more pics in my photo album, if you really want to see me in a wetsuit or hiking or cabling datacenters or in my natural environment full of Linux machines and technology toys.




The quick introduction is next. Lets just assume for a second the world is divided into two groups, one that knows what Reverse Polish Notation is and how to use an RPN calculator and those who don't. Those who like Woody Allen and those who don't. Well after reading my list I am pretty sure you could place me in any number of your very own subjective groups and sub-cultures... or maybe, just maybe its not that easy and you will have to continue reading.

"What really matters is what you like, not what you are like." -- High Fidelity

Name: Joe Botha
Birthday: Monday 4th of July 1977, 18:05
Age: 51 years, 25 weeks and 2 days
Sex: Male - heterosexual
Zodiac Sign: Cancer (Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces), blah blah
Born in: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, Earth
Siblings: None
Living in: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, Earth
Citizenship: Republic of South Afirca
Languages: Afrikaans and English
Marital Status: Single
Vegetarian: Nope, I eat meat, but I'm allergic to Prawns
Religious: Nope
Political views: Liberal
Smoking: Non-smoker
Occupation: Self employed, general fire fighter
Blood Type: O+
Eyesight: 20/20
Body art: Hell no
Favourite Beer: Windhoek Lager
Favourite Wine: Middelvlei Shiraz - 97,98,99.. but I mostly drink Chardonnay at the moment.
Favourite Wine Farm: Rustenberg
Favourite Cheese: Emmentaler
Favourite Herbs: Basil, Rocket, Coriander
Favourite Mountain: Lions Head
Favourite Whisky: Talisker
Favourite Gin: Tanqueray no. Ten
Favourite Cocktail: Gin Martini, Dry, Shaken
Favourite Movie types: Action, Art, Cult classics, Comedy, Sci-fi
Favourite Movie: Aliens
..runners up: Blade Runner, As Good As It Gets, When Harry Met Sally, The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, The Life Aquatic
...more movies
Favourite Music Album: Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
Favourite Music Single: The Time Is Now - Moloko
Favourite Pixies Song: Dig for Fire
...more music
Favourite Book: Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
...more books
Favourite Composer: Rachmaninoff
Favourite Instrument: Trumpet
Favourite DJ: Dave Seaman
Favourite Jazz Artist: Miles Davis
Favourite Movie Artist: Wes Anderson
Favourite Food: Fish, Seared Tuna Steak
Favourite Drink: H2O (water)
Favourite Tea: Rooibos, Twinings Lady Grey, Twinings Vanilla Tea
Favourite Meal: Brunch
Favourite Brunch Food: Omelet or Avo on wholewheat toast
I usually like my eggs: Scrambled
Favourite Sport: Swimming, also running, cycling, hiking and squash
Favourite Hobby: Photography
Favourite Hike: Lions Head
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Fruit: Cherries
Favourite Veg: Artichoke
Favourite Font: Helvetica
Favourite Fragrance: Hugo, Dark Blue
Favourite Chocolate: Dark
Favourite Dessert: Pecan Nut Pie
Preferred Measurement System: Metric
Preferred Calculator Notation: RPN
Preferred Wristwatch: Digital
Preferred Pet: Dog, Doberman Pinscher, not that I have any pets
Preferred Shirt: French Cuff (41/16)
Minimalist or Clutterer: Minimalist
Cooking or Washing Up: Cooking
Thinker (design) or Doer (implement): 80/20
Tea MIF/MIL: Milk in First.
MBTI personality: INTP

Tea and Coffee

I drink milk in my tea, but no sugar, I like honey.
I don't drink coffee. (not since 2003-01-01)


I don't like watching television. The last time I had a TV was in 1997. Why ?.. I guess it's a big waste of time, or maybe it's because I discovered free software in 1997.

My favourite sin

My favourite sin must be fanaticism. Most geeks over-focus, get too involved, get too passionate about their principles. I can identify. To be honest there are a few things I am (maybe) a bit fanatic about. The freedom and liberty of software, open standards, my operating system, my email client, my keyboard layout, my editor, what I use to produce documents, standards for communication and netiquette.. the list goes on, but you get the idea.

I am..

I am a Jack Of All Trades and a master of some. I like to spend 20% of the time learning 80% of the game, rarely do I spend 80% learning the last 20%. I am a Completer not an Attempter. (*g*) What type of man am I ? I am a business man. I am a capitalist. I am uncompromising, well I like to think so. I like simplicity, clutter bugs me.

I love..

Technology. The elegance of good design. The mood of good music. The peace in swimming. The challenge of running. The emotion and suspension of disbelief found in movies. The rebelious instict when people say it can't be done (better). The joy of humor. The clarity of logic. My freedom of choice. A new and unique idea. The summertime. Lions Head. Stellenbosch, in a way I can't describe ..and I love sleeping.

Goals and Objectives

Tough one. The most interesting people don't really know what they want to do. The weird thing is.. I have known what I what to do for a very long time, I think. I think I'm one of the lucky few that really enjoy the work they do. Work is a hobby.

In broad strokes..
The Endless Summer, Fame, Fortune, Fun, Friends, good Food..
and change the world. Simple.

A bit less abstract. I have an interest in business. Brands and their cultures. I like to start and build successful businesses. Businesses with cool cultures and a nice story, legend and heritage. Businesses driven by innovative ideas.

Work on exciting projects.. and have fun. Thats the plan.

and behind the last door..

I figure if you read this far you must be some form of geek or you can't sleep. And your reward for reading this far.. well you get to find a link to the really geeky things you don't see on the main menu.

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