The Geek in Me

"You can't tell if someone is a geek just by looking at them, there is no dress code."

Go ahead, say it, G E E K. I'm a geek. Proud of it. Though we have to share some understanding about the definition of the word. Rule 1. A Geek is not a Nerd. Nerd is bad. Geek is good. Simple.

Geeks are beings that crave knowledge, they want to learn about new, interesting and weird things. A geek can be someone who spends time being "social" on a computer. A geek can be the loner long distance runner. In fact I think the original spirit of Nike, is the spirit of the Running Geek. Geeks are generally social outcasts from mainstream society.. and they don't subscribe to mainstream thinking, but they do like to think about and debate things.

Part of a definition I found on the web: Gamers, ravers, science fictions fans, punks, trekkies. These are people who did not go to their high school proms, and many would be offended by the suggestion that they should have even wanted to. Geeks prefer to socialise with other geeks, the self proclaimed weird.

Lets see, I did go to my high school prom, but it was a blind date. The self proclaimed weird is maybe I bit too much.

..So, I'm not a complete geek, I try not to have the common 'geek physique' for example.

Among the forms of geekness I practice are: (junior)book-geek, (junior)font-geek, movie-geek, health-geek, photography-geek, music-geek, internet-geek, Linux-geek...

"Contrary to common belief, hackers are more social than other people"
-- Marvin Minsky, MIT AI Lab

Computer Geek Related:

OS: Debian GNU/Linux
Shell: /bin/zsh
Editor: Jed
Mail Client: Mutt
Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox
Keyboard Layout: DVORAK
Writing Framework: DocBook XML
Touch type: ~60 Words per minute
Favourite Domain Name Server: djbdns
Running GNU/Linux since: Feb 1997, kernel 2.0.17
(Was) Running FreeBSD since: Aug 1999, ver3.2
(Was) Running OpenBSD since: Okt 1999, ver2.5
Favourite Games per category: Quake One, Monkey Island One, Dune2
Favourite Programming Drink: Rooibos Tea
Best Uptime on my workstation: 334 days

..."by the geeks, for the geeks"

My PC History


My first PC was a Commadore 64, it worked with an audio tape drive. Later on I got a 360K floppy drive with some very cool games. I don't remember what happened to this first PC.


My Second PC was an Intel 386DX25 with 1MB RAM, 40MB hard disk and 14 inch VGA screen, did some nice adventure gaming on this little box. It had a Sound Blaster Pro sound card. It ran DOS 3.3 mostly. I think I sold most of the internals, but I still have the casing today.. it lived on as part of my third box. I still have the 14 inch screen.. plugged into a KVM switch for a few servers.


Third was a Intel 486DX33, 16MB RAM, 200MB hard disk. The first PC I did any serious programming on, mostly Pascal. This box later became the University of Stellenbosch Linux User Group server, shell accounts, mailinglist and web server. I played DOOM I on this box and many other classics. My first box to have a network card.


Intel P200mmx, 96MB RAM, 3Gig HDD, 15 inch Screen, my first box to run linux, ran Slackware and kernel 2.0.17 at one point. This box is still in day to day use at our ISP. I bought this box with bursary money in my second year at university. Played _lots_ of Quake 1 on this machine.


Athlon 600, 256MB RAM, 10Gig HDD, LG Studioworks 99T 19 inch Screen, running Debian/GNU Linux. The 19 inch screen was a gift from the company I worked for for about 7 months. First PC I bought after I started working.


Still the Athlon with 512MB RAM and a 40Gig disk.


got a new screen, Philips 22 inch, 2002-10-07
Intel P4 2.4GHz, 512Meg DDR333, 120Gig WD 7200rpm, NVidia GeForce 2 MX 400, 2002-11-14
Got an Apple G4 12inch laptop.


Still the 2.4Ghz P4 with 250Gig RAID1 space. Can't really see a reason to upgrade.


Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz with 1GB DDR2-800 Memory and 320GB SATA 16MB Cache RAID1 disks. Intel DG965SS Board.


HP nx7300 laptop

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