My Western Cape GNU/Linux User Group Page, a.k.a. CLUG

CLUG is a GNU/Linux User group (LUG) in Cape Town South Africa where local computer Geeks meet a few times a month to talk about... well, many things, but mostly about Linux and "the UNIX way".
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The Talks I have presented at CLUG:

Date Topic Documents
2001-07-31 Directory Enabled Services with LDAPv3 no notes
2001-09-25 TCP/IP Networking Series Part 3
Session Layer and Presentation Layer
2002-11-12 The Debian Project
Debian :: The Universal Operating System
2003-03-25 XML
Talk on the Extensible Markup Language (XML), with some background about SGML, HTML, XHTML and DocBookXML. The talk will include some examples using XML tools on Linux and a PHP XML parser.
no notes
2003-11-11 Mutt, the mail client no notes
2004-10-26 LDAP no notes
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