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My Operating System of Choice is Debian GNU/Linux.
The Universal Operating System

I've been running Debian since the Bo release.. somewhere in 1997 and I've been a Debian developer since October 2001. If the word "Linux" rings only one bell named Red Hat then you need to read a bit about Debian, the Freedom of software and Debian's principles. Why run Debian ?

I admire Debian's pragmatic idealism, the scale of the project and its success in producing high quality software. Debian is IMHO the most successful collaboration network and an example to the rest of the world of what can be achieved by people who share the same ideals.. in debian's case I would say the ideals of logic, efficiency and freedom.


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Hold Package

How do make sure a package is not upgraded the next time i run apt-get install ?
root@blue[/]# echo eterm hold | dpkg --set-selections
root@blue[/]# echo eterm install | dpkg --set-selections (un-hold)
root@blue[/]# dpkg --get-selections | grep hold

Package Building: things I tend to forget

.diff and .orig naming conventions

The package directory should be of the form 'openldap2.1-2.1.16' (with a '-'), the tar ball should be renamed to the form 'openldap2.1_2.1.16.orig.tar.gz' (with an '_'), if not, you dont get a .diff.gz file because the build-package tools cant find the original.


The tool to increment and edit the changelog is called: dch, dch -i adds the next version for you.

removing fluff

debfoster -s
deborphan --all-packages

Checking for (security) updates

apt-get -s dist-upgrade

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