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For those who did not know, there is _only_one_ mail client.
It's called Mutt.
I've been using Mutt since pre version 1.0 days. (1999)

My config uses/has the following features

Download my Mutt 1.5 config.
Just untar in ~/.mutt


Why does Outlook show my mutt generated, GPG signed mail as two attachments ?
Mutt signs messages using RFC 2015 and Outlook does not support that.

How do I send old Outlook friendly PGP sign or encrypted mail ?
Using this config, just press TAB before you send,
have a look in my 'keybind' file.

How do I verify old-style PGP (traditional/outlook_compat) signed/encrypted mail ?
Should be done for you with this mutt config.

How do I execute a list of commands ?
use 'push'

How do I keep a message in my inbox after reading it ?
you can Flag it ('!') with Shift-F, or mark it as New with Shift-N

How do I tag all the messages in a mailbox ?
Shift-T ; .* ; Enter

How do I mark all mail in a mailbox as read ?
Shift-T ; .* ; Enter ; Shift-N

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